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    Goodbye rtguy1

    I'm in. Have a friend too
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    Calling You Out pastorwug

    I expected more from you Pastorwug being that you proudly display you are a man of faith. But alas, I have to call bullshit. Please, by all means, show me where I have every even mentioned said sticker(which I honestly didn't even know you had). I have only posted and quoted you once on jk...
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    In route to the mall

    On my way to the mall for some pre Black Friday sales and some curb crawling.
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    WIN a GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition - CLICK HERE!!

    Love to have one of these bad boys on the dusy ershim next summer.
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    Figured I'd throw this on here to share my experience with ORE and DYNATRAC. I'm running a PROROCK 44 up front with RCV's, 4.88's, DYNATRAC BALLJOINTS and ARB air locker. Recently I noticed some fluid leaking from my engine compartment onto the frame rail. It looked and smelled like gear oil but...
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    Tailgate Hinges OEM

    Looking for a pair of oem tailgate hinges for a '12 JK. Preferably Black Forest green or black. Let me know if you have some laying around. Thanks. I'm in SoCal
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    2 door soft top complete

    looking for a soft top complete with door surrounds and hardware for my '12 JK 2 Door
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    Need a new head

    Well it finally happened. My 3.6L needs a drivers side head. The cel has been on and off for a couple weeks. Started getting a bit worse the last few days. Plugged in a code reader and got the dreaded P0302 code for cylinder 2 misfire. Running a bit rough especially at idle. I can hear the...
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    Spidertrax wheel spacers

    SOLD. Used for a month. wheels spacers 1.5". Jk pattern 5x5(5x127). $75 for the pair(2 spacers)shipped. Located in SoCal San Fernando valley area. SOLD
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    AEV wheels

    Sold!!!! AEV wheels Sold. AEV SAVEGRE wheels. 17"x8.5" 5x5 (5x127) bolt pattern. Lug and hub centric. 5.2" back spacing. Argent powdercoat. Set of 5 wheels. These are used for less than a year and have some rash around the outer lip. All 5 with valve stems including center caps. Located in...
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    Evo mfg endlinks

    Front swaybar endlinks by evo mfg 13" eye to eye located in san Fernando ca $40
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    Warn wireless winch control

    Brand new warn wireless winch control kit located in San Fernando valley ca $100
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    Rubicon sway bar

    Sold!!! Rubicon swaybar with EVO no limits manual disconnect. Turn the knob to disco.... that easy. Located in San Fernando valley, ca. $350 Still available Also have a front sport swaybar for $80,and a rear swaybar for $75
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    led lights

    anyone have or tried the paramount offroad light bars? any experience with them? thanks
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    WIN Truck-Lite LED Headlights!!

    I need these cuz I blew my money on crappy silverstar bulbs
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