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    5.7 hemi exhaust manifold options

    What’s the actual fail point? Just the bolts? Are there upgraded bolts / studs you can use instead? Is it just the weight of the headers and exhaust is too much? Sounds like a trip to the hardware store would fix it permanently, just don’t overtorque.
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    Destroyed front LCA brackets. But what else?

    I might’ve missed it but is there a reason you’re not just throwing a long arm lift kit at it? That way you’ve got fully adjustable arms, don’t need to replace the lower mounts etc. ? Or did it rip the lca mounts on the axle not the frame? Especially if you’re looking at lifts anyways.
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

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    Project Blue Jeep

    All the sudden the high setting on my blower fan speed knob doesn’t do anything. Replaced this ugly resistor. Wasn’t the problem, ordered a new switch hopefully the issue. New fun thing it decided to do is start marking its territory at an unnerving rate. Thinking the rear main seal. I...
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    Was my alignment done properly?

    You're doing too much math for a jeep, its not a sports car. And unless you specifically told them to do something else, which for $100 I can pretty much guarantee you did not, you got a basic front end alignment and a rear check, they didn't touch your arms or your caster etc. They just did...
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    Smoking Meat -- Tips, Opinions, Recipes

    You do the asparagus on the smoker?
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    Random Photos

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    trunk usability

    Swap the tongue jack for one that rotates up when not in use.
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    Wranglers as a photographer’s vehicle

    Besides security and storage which you said you've already seen there's really nothing else different from any other vehicle unless you want to mount the camera in which case there's some companies that make dash cross bars for mounting things.
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    Project Blue Jeep

    Do me a favor when you’re looking at it and let me know if the pipe sits further passenger then the yoke of the drive shaft if you look straight up as that’s probably where my issue lies.
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    Project Blue Jeep

    Yeah I was just thinking the easy fix would be to lift it more so when it nose dives it would be farther away 🤣 That’s what I thought too, and it had to be that considering this wasn’t an issue pre rebuild. There’s really no adjustments that can be made there. The connections at the manifold to...
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    1985 CJ-8 Scrambler Restoration

    So it’s gonna drive this weekend???
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    Mishimotor Radiator Dead on Arrival

    Yup. Should’ve listened. It always ends this way with mishimoto radiators. Sometimes you just have to learn yourself 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Project Blue Jeep

    Found the front end noise when hard braking and large bumps Dunno how the hell I managed that.
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    Bad fuel problem ... need forum wisdom to help

    Considering you said that the problem started when you transferred from your auxiliary tank to your gas tank (and assuming that you filled the Jeep tank same time you filled the auxiliary tank and the Jeep didn’t have an issue with that gas at that time) I think you need to figure out if there...
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