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    New member from Arizona

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    Manivan is under construction

    That's good to know about the X bar! Sounds like I made the right decision then. Your probably right about the jig. A template wont help me if it starts to warp anyway. Ill just have to do most of the welding while its bolted in. I was originally just going to do black powder coat but that...
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    Thank you for the add

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    RCV Performance Front Axles (stock replacement for JKUR)?

    The binding your experiencing is more then likely the front wheels spinning at different speeds in tight turns. So RCVs wont help with that. Also makeing the axle shafts the strongest link in the drive line chain will only casue failures in more critical areas like your ring and pinion.
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    Manivan is under construction

    Yours turned out nice! Admittedly the V and X bar looks bad ass. Although I didn't do the V bar in fear of it being annoying. I'm sure its something you get used to but I chickened out and I just know my wife would have hated it. As much as I would like to have the X bar (if only to keep my...
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    Shipping Silliness

    Thats one way to get your delivery rout done early.
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    First time Jeep owner!

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    SW Florida checking in

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    Storage prep, leaving Jeep for 3 months

    Modern cars can make even better rodent homes. A lot of wires are insulated in a soy based coating that squarls and mice actually like to eat. A family friend has had a new Honda in the shop 2 times for a wireing harness replacement because squarls were litterly eating every exsposed wire in a...
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    Wave from south jersey

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    Howdy from another Texas kid

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
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    Storage prep, leaving Jeep for 3 months

    That's all I would do. I'm not sure I would be worried about flat spots on the tires but jacking it up wont hurt so go for it. The real question is do you fill the tank up or do you run the tank empty before you store it?
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    Which fire extinguisher would you use?

    I thought Halon was actual a very good fire extinguisher and didn't damage equipment its just got a bad rep because they replaced a lot of systems that were in enclosed spaces like ships and electrical rooms. Also it got banned during the "Ozone hole" days.
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