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    Half Doors

    You're correct, they were the year before. The year of this picture, 2014, everyone enjoyed each other's company. .....some might say, too well!
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    Half Doors

    Dumb guy post....nothing to see here!
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    Did Ford buy Jeep?

    Just finished my 7th and I'm calling it quits for a while. But I can't keep Kim off of me, it's a blessing and a curse. It was like watching your girlfriend make out with another man at a party.....gut wrenching! It tickles me in my naughty spot every time I think about him being gone!
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    Random Photos

    It's been a while, but as soon as I saw this....I had to share it with you guys! (Forgive if it's already been posted 20 times [emoji14] )
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    When Commifornia Senator Feinstein can't do it...Obama can!

    Here's a link to the Article
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    MERRY JEEPIN CHRISTMAS from your friends at WAYALIFE!

    My nephew got a pretty sweet Jeep this year!
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    Christmas Drive By?

    I haven't been on much over the past 6 to 8 months due to life being crazy (blessedly so)....but I wanted the wayalife family to know that my family is thinking of them on this day! Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Random Photos

    Merry Christmas Ladies!
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    Random Photos

    She sounds nice!
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    Recalling New Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durangos

    Found this and thought I'd share for those of you who may have a new Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durangos
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    Dune's Day!

    Here's mine on 37" Nittos and EVO bo coilovers. Rear is as low as the coilovers can go.
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    Scorpicon Build Thread

    Mmmmmmm pex porn!!!
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