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    Input Shaft Bearing Noise? Demons?

    Hey all I need some help. I'm not much good on transmissions, so of course that's my newest noise... I've heard the first noise for quite a while (3 years or so), but assumed it was a "normal jeep noise". However, I decided to get to the bottom of it, and do some testing. I put the transfer...
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    What problems does your Jeep have this week?

    Cut off and blown out I had the right of way on a right hand turn, when some idiot came flying in on a left turn in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, and barely missed him. Since we didn't hit, I kept driving. A mile down the road, as I approached backed up rush hour traffic, I realized my...
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    Steering Dampener Leaking?

    So I went to change out my front differential oil, and notices this on my steering dampener. It looks to me like there is fluid/oil coming out of the piston. I suppose it could be something else leaking onto it, but I really doubt it. If it is coming from the dampener, is that a problem? Thanks
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    Gear Oil Viscosity

    Yeah, I was afraid I made an expensive mistake, trying it on my own haha
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    Gear Oil Viscosity

    After reading Eddie's write up on changing differential oil, I felt inspired to do my own, only to discover there are various viscosity ratings... Which makes sense. I've looked around to see what my 08 JKUX with stock Dana 44s takes, but can't find a constant answer. Does anyone have any...
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    Parking Brake Hardware

    Hello. For a couple years my parking brake has been non functional. I finally had it looked at recently, and the mechanic said the hardware was all rusted out, and needed to be replaced. I opened things up, to see for myself, and as you can see in the pictures, there is indeed rust. I'm not very...
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