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  1. rmilobrown

    Garmin BC-30 For Front View

    Anyone try installing a bc-30 off the front bumper for high angle approach view? If you're not familiar with the bc-30, it's an accessory back up camera for the Garmin gps. We already have a great mod for back up camera for the stock head unit. I thought this bc-30 would be great to see over the...
  2. rmilobrown

    Oddyssey Extreme Dead, 2.5 years old!

    Hey Guys, I've always run the motor while winching or using the air compressor. Alternator is good and I've never drained it by leaving something on. What I didn't do was put it on a charger to keep it at full charge, which is what the Oddyssey manual recommends. What do you guys think about...
  3. rmilobrown

    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    Work buddies! HAPPYTRAILS
  4. rmilobrown

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Got my skins installed! Not too bad, all the nutserts even lined up! HAPPYTRAILS
  5. rmilobrown

    Nutsert Question

    Hey Guys, I just bought the Astro 1442 nutsert tool that Eddie has linked to Amazon. My upcoming rock skin mod didn't come with nutserts. Should I get stainless steel or just go with the zink plated one Astro sells? Thanks. HAPPYTRAILS
  6. rmilobrown

    What's in your humidor?

    Fresh shipment of CAO Americans and Unholy cocktails! Excellent smoke. HAPPYTRAILS
  7. rmilobrown

    Double Cardan DS Question

    Hey Guys, I've been running my front drive shaft for about a year now. I service the zerts every 3k miles. I noticed the slip spline has vertical movement when I push up on it, tranny in park tcase in 2hi. Normal or does it need to be rebuilt? Thanks. HAPPYTRAILS
  8. rmilobrown

    JL JOURNAL : REIGN IN THE RATTLE - Daystar D-Ring Washers & Isolators

    Yup! Just need to remember to remove the isolator from the d-ring before recovery or chance cutting through it. HAPPYTRAILS
  9. rmilobrown

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Chopped my flares and rails. Thanks to USMC Wrangler for the detailed measurements! They turned out great. HAPPYTRAILS
  10. rmilobrown

    1 Ton GM Tie Rod Jam Nut Question.

    Hey Guys, can anybody tell me which direction to loosen the jam nuts? I need to make a toe adjustment on my 7075 aluminum TR. I think passenger is CCW and driver is CW, or rotate the BFW up looking at it from the front. Thanks for the help!
  11. rmilobrown

    New Rancho RS9000XL Front Shocks 326's

    These are the Shocks that came with the Rancho 2" sport lift. I went with a longer one. $100.00 + shipping for the pair. Last time I checked, about $50.00 from AZ to the East coast.
  12. rmilobrown

    New Alloy USA ball joints #11800

    New Alloy USA ball joints $120.00! SHIPPED! SOLD! Thanks DMF!
  13. rmilobrown

    Dynatrac Outstanding Customer Service!

    Talked to Eric at Dynatrac this morning. Answered all my questions, gave me a discount for being a WAL member and had a FedEx tracking number within an hour for my ProSteers! Great doing business with them!
  14. rmilobrown

    Look what I found in the mail box!

    Thanks Eddie and Cindy! We hope to tag along on a run some day. Until then, we enjoy your videos and pics from the trail! Thanks for the fast shipping too!
  15. rmilobrown

    Rancho 9000XL Shock as a steering stabilizer?

    Hey Guys, I have an unused 9000XL that I'm thinking about using for my stabilizer. What if I fab up some brackets to mount it at it's mid travel point and set the dampener to 1. Any reason why this won't work? The shock is a front 99326 with 7.8" of travel. I would mount the bottom or ring end...
  16. rmilobrown

    Additional work while replacing ball joints?

    Hey Guys, It's time to replace the ball joints on my 2015 with 53k miles. I've been running 33s with 1-1/2" spacers and the balls are shot. I will be moving up to 35s soon so EVO C Gussets will go in while I have it apart. Opinion Please! Should I go all the way with unit bearings, shafts and...
  17. rmilobrown

    OPINION PLEASE! Over heated after t-stat install.

    I changed my t-stat while doing oil cooler swap. I bought MOPAR 5184651AH from Amazon. Install went fine, burped and topped off until level was good! About 200 miles on it and she left me on the side of the freeway. After cool down, added coolant and restarted. Tstat did not open so I shut it...
  18. rmilobrown

    Please Identify This Part?

    I'd like to fix this leak! The flat oily sensor aft of the spark unit. Can someone tell me what it is and if I can pull that one screw, clean it up and reinstall? Thanks.
  19. rmilobrown

    Oil Cooler Install Questions

    Hey Guys, I'm getting ready to change out my cooler for a P06DE code. I plan to replace spark plugs and t-stat while I'm in there. The 2015 JKUR has 52k on it and I noticed almost all the engine plastic wire loom has disintergrated? So any advice on other items I should check or change during...
  20. rmilobrown

    Broken Arrow run this Friday!

    I'm taking a group from work that haven't run this trail yet! We have one built Toyota Land Cruiser, one Surplus Hummer, one 86' WJ and a Samurai! I'm the ONLY one with a JK, we are a diverse bunch. It should be a Hoot! Any WAL members that would like to meet up are more than welcome, I could...
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