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  1. jeepsterchris


    Thanks Wayalife and Strike Force Zebra! I got a new pho e so ot took a whole to dig up pic s...heres one one on the new JKUR and one on the old JKU sport!! Sent from my SM-N920V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. jeepsterchris

    WIN a FISHBONE Jeep JK or TJ/YJ Front Bumper!

    I came to Wayalife a long time ago...can't remember why...just migrated from project JK! Been happy here ever since! Sent from my SM-N920V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  3. jeepsterchris

    Install Gen II Poison Spyder bumper/ tire carrier

    I put mine on myself, with a little help from my 14 year old son. No drilling needed on my '14. Just follow the instructions and you will be golden. I think I have pics of my install somewhere if you need and references...
  4. jeepsterchris

    Poison Spyder RockBrawler II Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier

    Have it. Love it. Would buy it again.
  5. jeepsterchris

    Spotted in Gilbert, AZ!

    I always keep my eyes open for Wayalife decals...spotted this JK on the Loop 202 San Tan near Gilbert Road at 4:15pm yesterday... Anyone? Anyone?
  6. jeepsterchris

    JKUR OME lift

    I'm running it. I could EASILY fit 37's with my PSC fenders now. With my regular fenders I got a little rub in the rear when flexed. I think I have a couple before and after pics with a measuring tape before I changed the fenders...Here's a pic with the stock rear flares still on...
  7. jeepsterchris

    Trails that are 1.5 Hours or Less from Your Home

    I am in Queen Creek, AZ...about 40 minutes southeast of Phoenix. Hopefully someone else from this area chimes in...I've only lived here for 2 years, so I haven't explored all of the great trails out here... Hackberry Creek / Powerline 1 hour away..58 miles away Box Canyon / Elvis 45...
  8. jeepsterchris

    I lost my here's another one! Haha!

    SO I was looking at the shot glass giveaway, and went searching for my Wave...HOW CAN I NOT HAVE A WAVE??? Oh well, couldn't find it. Well, I'm Chris, and I have a Jeep problem. Own 5 right now. owned about 75 in my lifetime. Owned my own off-road shop for many years. Worked for Jeep for...
  9. jeepsterchris

    Hackberry Creek, AZ 1/15

    A few of us went out to explore Hackberry Creek yesterday. This is a few miles East of Superior, AZ out in the Magma Mine property area. It started pouring rain and thick fog rolled in, so we had to cut it short for flash flood and safety reasons. We did manage to pull a newer Cummins Diesel...
  10. jeepsterchris

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Hackberry Creek, AZ...
  11. jeepsterchris

    Az group

    OOOH...This one...
  12. jeepsterchris

    Az group

    Is this the obstacle you are referring to?:thumb::thumb::thumb: Let me know what day / time / place you guys want to meet...I might be able to meet up!
  13. jeepsterchris

    MERRY CHRISTMAS from WAYALIFE -- What did Santa Get Your Jeep?

    Santa brought me a Viair 450P portable compressor and a set of Boulder tire deflates! Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. jeepsterchris

    Top or recessed winch?

    On my Jeepster, the frame rails are too narrow (not to mention options are basically ZERO) for recessed winch mounts. I used to run a Smittybilt recessed bumper on my '13, but then decided on the PSC for my '14. It's a top-mount, but the center mount section sits about 3/4" lower than the...
  15. jeepsterchris

    JeepsterChris build part deux...the new Granite Rubicon Unlimited.

    They are 315's. On the factory wheel the measure just a hair over 34". For reference, the Jeep on the far left is running 37" MTRS, and mine is next with the 315s.
  16. jeepsterchris

    Az group

    Had a blast today! I'll get some more pics up tomorrow!
  17. jeepsterchris

    BF Goodrich KO2 v Nitto Ridge Grappler

    Never been a fan of Nitto tires...but love my KO2's.
  18. jeepsterchris

    Factory rear Bumper, Tire Carrier

    I have a stock rear bumper and tire carrier if anyone needs them! Also have the factory license plate holder...come and get it! Great shape, undamaged, no fading. Phoenix East Valley
  19. jeepsterchris

    Rear Tire Carrier/ Bumper

    Say what you want about Poison Spyder, but I am very happy with my RockBrawler II setup. For my daily driver, I prefer having a real bumper and the single action opening. I talked to a guy this weekend who runs the body mounted carrier, D-rings out the frame rail and Evo cover plate...
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