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  1. Benito


    Morals and Ethics? All this talk about morals and ethics but nobody said anything when 4WP signed up as an approved vender. We all know about the shitty work they put out and all the shitty products they sell, yet they got to advertise here. Or that time when Fishbone off road was a vender and...
  2. Benito

    Prorock 60 package / EVO High Steer

    Your skid should be parallel to the ground and should have the long edge welded to the axle tube Something like this: Your trackbar ibas to be raised to be most parallel as possible to the draglink. The frame notch was probably done to accommodate the draglink which is now higher. Some...
  3. Benito

    help me get high system steering

    Evo Highsteer Skid and Trackbar bracket with custom Exodus Jeeps steering links I think that having the ram on the original cast steering arm alleviate the need for the double sheer, I havnt had any issues
  4. Benito

    Brake line extension routing

    Route them through the frame You just have to gently bend the hardline a little bit.
  5. Benito

    Rattle Free Tire Carrier, looking for opinions. PSC, Expedition one, Genright?

    The Evo carrier actually transfers all of the weight to the hinges. Once you have the new brackets installed and the tire carrier installed, you could actually not run a tailgate and just run the carrier, the tail gate mounts to the new carrier. Holding the carrier in the closed position would...
  6. Benito

    PSC hydraulic lines

    Back when I had my d44, I ran two 90* fittings off of the ram towards the passenger tire, looped back after the tierod bracket and zip tied both lines back up the trackbar, and left minimal slack to go back towards the box with a straight fitting and a 30* fitting I believe Two different Jeeps...
  7. Benito

    Kill it With Fire

    When one steering stabilizer isn’t enough, and 2 still don’t do the job, you run 3 of those bitches
  8. Benito

    Armor fenders

    Nemesis Fenders are absolutely fabulous looking. I am definitely more careful when I wheel since I have seen what happens when they get hung up on something, not good. But damn do they look good
  9. Benito

    The Jeep Gladiator Truck is FINALLY Here - 2018 LA Auto Show PICS

    I wonder what they mean by bigger axles?
  10. Benito

    Replacing Passanger HUB every 6 months

    I was running into the exact same issue until the unit bearing finally failed on me with almost no sign, a combination of bad roads and having hydro assist. I was traveling and was pulling off the highway to get gas. My brakes went to the floor but I was able to build pressure again to stop. the...
  11. Benito

    Mybadjk build

    I’ve had to trim quite a bit, and still trimmed a little bit more after this Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. Benito

    Front axle disconnect better than lockout hubs? SEE THE PICS

    The axle tube is two pieces coupled with cast sleeve that houses the disconnect motor Video screen shot from JCR YouTube video
  13. Benito

    Gobicon 2017 JKU Recon build

    Here’s my Poison Spider sport cage, I had it powder coated with a color really close to Gobi I also powder coated my Evo tire carrier, you can see how close/off it is a little more
  14. Benito

    Fenders: To cut or not to cut??

    These are my color matched flares, they looked good, I just sanded the rough edge
  15. Benito

    Passenger Side Front King 2.5 Keeps Rotating

    Why not glue some door trim or something on the spring perch?
  16. Benito

    Fender Flare Decision Struggles

    Not really sure what you mean about cutting, but I have installed a set of Crawler Concepts Steel fenders, and a set of Nemesis Aluminum fenders, and the only thing that requires cutting is your fender liners if you plan on re-using them. If you mean you have to drill some new holes and enlarge...
  17. Benito


    After doing this to the Jeep: And bending the brackets that hold the spare on the evo pro Series hinged gate carrier it was time to do some upgrades Made my own harness for the lights Installed the skins and tire carrier Also installed some Nemesis Industries fenders. I got...
  18. Benito

    PR60 (Hard Core package) hydro assist

    It does but it doesn’t even sit that high, it looks right for the 40s
  19. Benito

    PR60 (Hard Core package) hydro assist

    Interesting here’s my Jeep with Bolton coilovers and high looks like my draglink is in the frame notch and I still have more up travel at my disposal Edit: pictures added
  20. Benito

    FS: Evo Mfg. Pro Series Hinged Gate Carrier & Steer Smarts Draglink

    FS: Evo Mfg. Pro Series Hinged Gate Carrier & Steer Smarts Draglink SOLD — Evo Mfg Pro Series Tire carrier(MSRP $715) with rotopax/ license plate relocation bracket(MSRP $77), supported 40” tire and 4gal Rotopax with no issue. $275 — SteerSmarts Yeti XD Dranglink (MSRP $419), both top...
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