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  1. J&k_Overland

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    New Badge for the WJ
  2. J&k_Overland

    Pat's 73 CJ5

  3. J&k_Overland

    SHOW us the SNOW!!

    But it won’t be “service related”
  4. J&k_Overland

    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    He Definitely shouldn’t underestimate those XJs they are capable lil shit boxes
  5. J&k_Overland

    Planned Moab during EJS 22 & didn’t know

    We have gone to Moab during EJS many times and not signed up. Still had a ton of fun the vendor show is awesome and has some great deals there’s a magazine Red Rock Fourwheelers publishes and you can pick up at any gas station for free that has the trail schedule and descriptions in it. Have...
  6. J&k_Overland

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    yes please fuel has jumped 50 cents in two days shits about to get real
  7. J&k_Overland

    My WJ Build

    Thanksi need to post it up on here at some point Full 8” springs from IRO Replaced the Rock Krawler springs which were way to spongy these ride nice and flex pretty good. That winch mount is stout. Love it on mine.
  8. J&k_Overland

    LONG CUT to TONOPAH - An Wandering Overland Trip Up to Central Nevada

    The Fox 4 is the frequency designation that the range control call signed “Blackjack” is monitoring So you don’t end up getting blown up
  9. J&k_Overland

    My WJ Build

    My WJ has a 8” lift and still had to trim for 35s always go bigger than you think you need.
  10. J&k_Overland

    Another Death Wobble Thread

    Never hurts to check and shit happens. I feel his pain chasing it down though WJ was a mutha to find.
  11. J&k_Overland

    Another Death Wobble Thread

    I found slop in the kids XJ steering box. Only could tell after unhooking the drag link and moving the outman arm by hand.
  12. J&k_Overland

    Learned I Can Do 180's At 50 mph on 37's and Not Flip

    Dang that’ll get the rear puckered up. Glad all is well
  13. J&k_Overland

    Starter on 2000TJ

    Weld on a new head. or V8 swap.
  14. J&k_Overland

    HELP SAVE the Short Branch Saloon - Miss Kathy's Ghost Town Watering Hole

    Done. Hope she gets back up and running quickly
  15. J&k_Overland


    Cool area. Cool seeing the Cherokees out there
  16. J&k_Overland

    Jeep JK 3.6 head gaskets or new crate motor

    Was 3500 to do heads and gaskets on my 4.7 in the Grand
  17. J&k_Overland

    Proper gear ratio on 2.5 TJ for 35” tires

    I got a 91 YJ with the 2.5 and 5 speed running 4.88s and 35s. It ain’t flyin down the highway by any means but it does ok. Don’t think I’d go any lower with those axles as the pinons are gonna be microscopic
  18. J&k_Overland

    Moab Accommodations

    I made my reservation in May. Lots of Hotels there suggest the same.
  19. J&k_Overland

    Dale's 2021 JT sport build not named yet

    Nope probably not till Monday NY is closing the bridge tomorrow night due to “the storm of the century”. Fuckin morons. Probably get a dusting
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