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  1. Bear_JT

    Bears garage sale.

    Oh that’s good! At least. I think I came out good with my deal. I just wish there was people in my area who would see the benefits of buying quality parts rather than junk.
  2. Bear_JT

    Hello From Vegas

    Welcome to Wayalife from New Mexico. I’m sure someone will be able to give you some guidance on your wobble issue.
  3. Bear_JT

    Bears garage sale.

    I’ll pm you.
  4. Bear_JT

    Bears garage sale.

    Ha ha! The good part is as least you didn’t install all the parts then trade it.
  5. Bear_JT

    Bears garage sale.

    I hear you. It’s pretty annoying.
  6. Bear_JT

    Hey from Mississippi

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  7. Bear_JT

    Officially placed the order for my Jeep today!

    I think you would be happy with the Bilstein’s that EVO is selling with their kits. EVO isn’t going to sell anything that is junk.
  8. Bear_JT

    Bears garage sale.

    Man it’s kinda weird. When I traded my JK I thought it’ll be easy to sell off the parts I saved up especially since they are quality parts. I had envisioned being able to put a good chunk towards wheels or tires but everyone locally who asks me about them flakes out or tells me they’ve seen...
  9. Bear_JT

    Bears garage sale.

    Price drop on post #1
  10. Bear_JT

    Officially placed the order for my Jeep today!

    Agreed ^ I’ve only seen EVO with diesel specific springs. Teraflex used to be decent way back like in the early TJ days. Since then they’ve turned to trash. Metal cloak just seems like hype to me. I don’t think you can find better than EVO.
  11. Bear_JT

    Hello from Pear Tree Ranch!

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  12. Bear_JT

    Officially placed the order for my Jeep today!

    Congratulations. I second on going with anything over Teraflex. Maybe even just wait til you get the one you really want. Buy once cry once.
  13. Bear_JT


    That’s coming out really clean. Good job.
  14. Bear_JT

    Tire carrier upgrade options?

    EVO hinged carrier.
  15. Bear_JT

    38X12.50R17 NITTO Ridge Grapplers

    I really like the look of these tires. Now I really want them for the Gladiator.
  16. Bear_JT

    Hello, from New Zealand

    Welcome to Wayalife from New Mexico.
  17. Bear_JT

    Synergy drag link & falcon

    Post up a picture of what you’re talking about. It’ll help to see exactly what you’re dealing with.
  18. Bear_JT

    Hello! Also from central FL.

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  19. Bear_JT

    Hello, from Kentucky

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  20. Bear_JT

    Hello From Alabama

    Welcome to Wayalife.
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