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    2022 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run

    So its going to take an hour and twenty min to drive twenty min? So basically its like driving in LA...
  2. SDG

    2022 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run

    We caught the cooties a couple weeks ago so been dealing with that BS. Good news is we are 100% recovered and ready for some fun!
  3. SDG

    2022 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run

    So as usual a little late to the party lol. Lauren and I and Mabel are looking forward to seeing everyone. Been so slammed with work this will be an excellent break. Hoping to be out there around 6 on Fri night. Here is a picture of the jeep getting some work done.. Broke a lower control arm...
  4. SDG

    Fine dust in air intake tube

    Dusty intake? Mine is clean as a whistle. Trying to make Tony proud, so I blew all the dust out of the engine compartment. By the way, this is a pretty sweet little airgun for $14. Has a venturi so it amplifies the amount of air that it blows.
  5. SDG

    Discount tire out of 40” Nittos

    Strange... If they were on backorder for over a year, how did I get mine in 24 hrs? And why does their website say available in 3-5 days?
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    WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run 2019 - SIGN UP

    I'm just going to leave this here...
  7. SDG

    WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run 2019 - SIGN UP

    Exactly! Ready to go haha.
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    WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run 2019 - SIGN UP

    Just so.e improvements I have been lagging on doing. Swapping out the console power port with 2x USB chargers, and then adding a plug in for my mic in the glovebox. Screws are not in the rj45 yet... but just about done.
  9. SDG

    WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run 2019 - SIGN UP

    When you decide to rip all your shit apart and then realize you need to leave tomorrow night lol.
  10. SDG

    PR 80 E Brake Question...

    Quick question... and it's NYE, so you better not respond for at least a couple days! I was doing some work and removed the center console... noticed this... Didnt look right so I got under and was looking at where the cable connects to the axle. Driver side looked normal But passenger...
  11. SDG

    Aux power questions

    Was looking for some replacement cigarette lighters to swap them over to USB chargers, and this popped up. Thought it may be applicable to what you are looking at doing, and its pretty cheap.
  12. SDG

    Aux power questions

    Most camera equipment can be charged off a 12V cigarette lighter with the correct charger, this would be cheaper and more energy efficient than adding an inverter. Think about it, the Jeep makes 12v DC power for the battery, you want to run an inverter to turn DC to AC, then the 110V charger...
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    Happy Birthday Overlander JK!

    Hey you guyssss! This is an early wheelchair! Happy birthday old balls!
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Amazing that such a small part can bring you to a halt... and what a pain in the ass to get in the new one.
  15. SDG

    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    Here is a decent one...
  16. SDG

    15k Miles and Leaking Oil

    If it's the oil cooler, there will be oil near the oil filter in the valley between the valves. Pretty sure that's what mine has as oil mysteriously shows up on the mating surface of trans and engine then leaks down onto the crossmember. Makes it real nice when it drips on the exhaust crossover.
  17. SDG

    Kill it With Fire

    Pretty sweet designs. Love those procomp tires too.
  18. SDG

    Mpg. Suck it Prius

    11.3 average on a 500 mile trip lol.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Jeep prepped for Moab next week. Put the hard top on, installed bearcat speaker that's been sitting in the garage for 6 months. Also gave a wash, claybar, and a wax.
  20. SDG

    Wood working

    Great thread and some amazing work. I would claim to be an amateur at best. Far from a fine woodworker or finish carpenter, but here are a few of my projects. Reclaimed cedar fence boards from my grandparents house turned into an outdoor bar. Here is what I started with. Sanded down and...
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