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  1. TrailHunter

    DSTRAC / KNB Axles

    Wow... what a train wreck.
  2. TrailHunter

    SD60 build and swap. Let the fun begin.

    Nice Casey! Fun Project!
  3. TrailHunter

    Show Off Your Guns!

    Fun Day at Class Today... except for the 90* weather.
  4. TrailHunter

    Watcha cookin'?

    The Wife ordered some Tallow recently which I could use... But I ordered a big bottle of Grape Seed oil along with a Matfer 12" Pan. We'll see how it goes.
  5. TrailHunter

    BANDIT - 2023 Jeep JT Gladiator Rubicon

    I would say 37’s look perfect on a Wrangler and 40’s on a JT… but in Eddies case, he can just get a license plate frame that reads “My other JT is on 42’s.”
  6. TrailHunter

    Watcha cookin'?

    That was my initial choice.. but a lot of reviews said the nonstick doesn't last. Are saying you season it like Cast or Carbon? Hex non stick is a PTFE coating… thats not an option.
  7. TrailHunter

    Watcha cookin'?

    The wife doesnt want to use the teflon Non Stick... We have been using Cast Iron... Carbon is lighter but still has the non stick benefit of Cast unlike Stainless. So lighter with benefits of Cast is the thought process.
  8. TrailHunter

    Watcha cookin'?

    Any of you into Carbon Steel Pans? Is there a brand you prefer? And what is your preferred seasoning oil... Grape Seed, Sunflower?
  9. TrailHunter

    Whiskey of the Day

    You only hear that voice when you drink?
  10. TrailHunter

    2024 JLR

    Nice! Congrats
  11. TrailHunter

    Crazy Cool Clouds

    Not gonna lie... I had to look that up.
  12. TrailHunter

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Its hard to believe anything these days… we are living in opposite world. Standards, Morals, Respect, & Common sense got thrown out the window... All for intentional confusion to push an Absurd agenda. An agenda that a small few actually believe will better this planet. Population Control...
  13. TrailHunter

    Show Off Your Guns!

    My 3 IWB Go To's are T1C (T1-M) , Tenicor (Certum) & Tulster (Oath) . I always end up modifying them in some way.
  14. TrailHunter

    The BEST "I HATE WAYALIFE" YouTube Video Comments

    If you actually cared about the viewing public.... you would have installed the Lift Kit twice... With the 6 ton lift and again without.
  15. TrailHunter

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    It was a Joke. Lol
  16. TrailHunter

    TIN CAMP - This is the Last One...

    That's Really Cool.
  17. TrailHunter

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I’m just waiting for him to address the nation so I can feel safe.
  18. TrailHunter

    Movies Worth Watching

    I need to watch that.
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