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    Spring 2024 Deals are HERE!

    Save BIG this spring season with our great deals on tires and wheels! Just sign in to or create your FREE Discount Tire online account and get up to $160.00 in instant combined savings. Get instant savings on select sets of tires from: Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Nitto, Pirelli...
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    Choose your trail with Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT!

    2024 seems to be the year for new A/T releases. From my understanding, there are a few more launching soon!
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    Choose your trail with Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT!

    The RTX is a LT (10ply) application in an A/T style pattern. Primarily used in LT and HD applications. The Discoverer Road+Trail A/T is only available in a SL and XL (4-ply rated) applications.
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    Choose your trail with Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT!

    We're back with another All-Terrain tire launch, this one from Cooper Tires! Available in 4-ply rating (SL & XL), the Cooper Discoverer Road+Trail AT refreshes the popular Discoverer AT3 4S with incremental improvements where it mattered most. Featuring a next-generation tread pattern, the...
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    NEW: Black Rhino Tusk BR016 | Removable Rock Guard Ring

    Black Rhino releases the Tusk; a 1-piece, monoblock wheel built to handle your toughest off-road adventures! The Black Rhino Tusk leverages a high density rock guard ring that attaches to the wheel's outer lip, to help prevent damage to both the lip and face of the wheel. The rock guard ring...
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    Falken Wildpeak A/T4W | NOW Available at DTC

    The Falken Wildpeak A/T4W is here at last and the new A/T4W is shaping up to outshine its immensely popular A/T3W in every respect. This includes tread depth, weather protection, and on-and off-road performance. Previously only available on the Wildpeak R/T and Wildpeak M/T, Falken has...
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    NEW: Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac RT

    Goodyear recently introduced a new tire model to the rugged-terrain category. The Wrangler DuraTrac RT is the latest evolution of Goodyear's DuraTrac line. Designed for drivers that see a mix of conditions, this rugged-terrain tire offers impressive versatility and capability. Whether...
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    The Wait is Over | Falken WildPeak MT

    @Jsouder53 Glad to hear that the MT's are performing as expected! If I can help with tires on the JK, shoot me a DM when you're ready! According to Falkens data sheet, the 35'S stand 34.8 inches. ( Mounted on a 10" wide wheel).
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    Hello from North East Oklahoma

    Welcome @vicrider , thanks for joining in and introducing yourself! Looks like you have been enjoying the trails in your rig, have fun out there!
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    Hello all! Here’s the Jeep collection of mine Andy husbands. The orange one is the newest addition

    Great looking rigs @KMorgan92 ! Thanks for sharing some photos and congrats on picking up the newest addition as well!
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    Great looking rig! Thanks for sharing a photo and saying hello @Battman
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    Fall Savings!

    📣November Deals, be on the lookout for more updates! (Expires: 11/30/2023) SAVE NOW | Discount Tire
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    Fall Savings!

    📣As offers roll out this month, we will bump this thread Be sure to hit the watch/follow button ↗ above to get notified anytime a new offer goes live. For all other active deals, check out the link below! CURRENT DEALS | Discount Tire 🔔 Combine current deals with your Discount Tire Credit...
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    Welcome in @godfella691981 , looking forward to having you on the site and see some photos of the rig!
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    Hello from Mississippi

    Congrats on picking up your rig @Jwarden121, we appreciate you stopping by and sharing a photo of it with the group!
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    Tire/wheel combo question - Need your help

    A 4 tire rotation is a standard easy to follow process. 5 tire rotations are less common but when you have the exact same tire/wheel as a spare, why not use it. The sensors are designed to detect all 5 tires anyway. Matter of choice.
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    Hello from Long Island, NY

    Congrats on your first rig @BobRossLives ! Looking forward to having you on the site and seeing those photos.
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    Hello from El Dorado County

    Hello @AEVJKUR, thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself to the group, always great to see more members! Sounds like a solid rig you were able to acquire and we look forward to seeing some pictures!
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    Welcome in @whipsaw36 Congrats on the rig, sounds like a sound setup so far and we would love to see some photos when you get a chance!
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