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    Shower Thoughts

    Driving in to town yesterday I saw a small hand-written sign that said JUDGING CONTEST with an arrow pointing off into an empty field. I spent longer than I'd like to admit, giggling at what such a thing would look like. Is it 2 rows of people staring at each other in perpetual judgement, each...
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Old but gold:
  3. boardsurfer

    MOAB EJS 2024 Concept Jeeps - Let Us Know what you Think!

    Half doors on the Gladiator looks pretty rad with the top removed.
  4. boardsurfer

    Music - What are you listening to?

    Came across this epic mashup.
  5. boardsurfer

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    And do you know what happened to that woman? Spoiler alert
  6. boardsurfer

    Music - What are you listening to?

    Just saw him a few weeks ago, opened for Chris Stapleton. So Good!! the horn section brought a really old school vibe and his voice is awesome. He's the real deal.
  7. boardsurfer

    Music - What are you listening to?

    Pennywise was one of the greatest shows I've ever been to. So much energy. Left the venue covered in sweat, torn shirt and missing a shoe. Bro Hymn was a moment I'll never forget.
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    Random Photos

    Holy crap, thats crazy!
  9. boardsurfer

    Random Photos

    Brute, get in here and explain this abomination. Your team has completely disrespected the holy game of football and displayed a level of ineptitude rivaling the 0-16 Lions. Is this even a football team, or just some guys running around drooling on each other? Were they hung over from partying...
  10. boardsurfer

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    I still cant get over a 42 inch tire drooped below the frame rail. Absolutely nuts.
  11. boardsurfer

    The New Fed KILL SWITCH? Did You Know About It?

    Somehow not shocked to learn of this. Seems right in line with the hellscape we a barrelling towards.
  12. boardsurfer


    Excellent lights. I put 3 under the front bumper and I love that with a little slack in the wires, I can reposition them towards the tire if I need light there.
  13. boardsurfer

    Hello from DFW

    Howdy from Weatherford. Also in a Sarge Green Gladiator.:D
  14. boardsurfer

    VIDEO : Does Geometry Really Make a Difference? SEMA 2023 - BONUS

    Looks like a well executed setup. With that much lift I would expect a good amount of articulation and it certainly delivered there. Maybe I'm stuck in the old ways, but 4.5 inches of lift seems like a lot unless you're running 40s or something and thats gotta be a rare setup for 2 door. On the...
  15. boardsurfer

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I mean, he did say "Almost"
  16. boardsurfer

    CROWN C104 Jeep Commando - SEMA 2023

    Such an odd duck. Beautiful car though.
  17. boardsurfer

    REAL TRUCK Jeep FC - SEMA 2023

    Front bumper feels a little awkward, but otherwise totally badass!
  18. boardsurfer

    MEGA THREAD : SEMA 2023 on the GO Show Coverage

  19. boardsurfer

    RENEGADE Products Black Jeep JL Wrangler - SEMA 2023

    Haha! Pretty standard Texas build.
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