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  1. RJV

    Whiskey of the Day

    That's an excellent one. The local bourbon bar had it in a flight I had recently, it reminds me of Maker's Mark 46 but higher proof, what I'd imagine the cask strength 46 tastes like if I could ever find it.
  2. RJV

    Tequila of the day

    For sure!
  3. RJV

    XJ overheats, orange gunk in cooling

    Definitely looks like some bad coolant mix, I don't see any of the metallic glitter from a stop leak or something, but maybe the phone is filtering that out. How's the fan clutch and water pump? I'd do a coolant flush and make sure the fan clutch and water pump are good too. I know you said the...
  4. RJV

    Odd resonance from rear on certain bumps

    Pretty sure - done it on a few different bridges and never did it stock. It's like a rattle/vibration that starts with a thud and then resonates throughout the body.
  5. RJV

    Odd resonance from rear on certain bumps

    I've had my Dynatrac Endurosport lift for a month now and put about 800 miles on it - absolutely love it. However, I've noticed that when both rear tires hit a joint on a bridge, I get this weird resonance/rattle/soft thud that goes through the whole Jeep. I've retorqued everything several times...
  6. RJV

    Recommendations for floor mats and cargo liner

    Husky Liners, they last forever and fit great and keep their shape. Every set of weather techs I've had has sucked, they warp and don't cover as much as Husky Liners.
  7. RJV

    2" Dynatrac Endurosport Lift Installed!

    Thanks! Just followed Eddy's video on it for Pippi, got one off a JL Rubi and took the motor off and put an Evo no limits knob on it instead. works amazing!
  8. RJV

    2" Dynatrac Endurosport Lift Installed!

    That's awesome, it's a great lift. I did - running a 3/4" Daystar spacer between the coil and the factory isolator. Seems level to me, but I should measure to confirm.
  9. RJV

    2" Dynatrac Endurosport Lift Installed!

    Thanks everyone! I love it.
  10. RJV

    2" Dynatrac Endurosport Lift Installed!

    Installed the Dynatrac 2" Endurosport lift this weekend. Quadratec showed a 5-6 week back order and Northridge showed it as discontinued, so I ordered it and it showed up 3 days later, so that was awesome. Really wanted to get this lift - mostly from seeing the review Eddy did of it a few years...
  11. RJV

    Show your Wrist Watch

    Here's mine, Tag Formula 1 chrono. It told me I was late for whatever was being advertised in an I80 restroom somewhere.
  12. RJV

    THROWBACK THURSDAY - Show Us Pics of Your Jeep Back in the Day!

    Here's the KJ, somewhere back in 09. I would've been in 6th grade. We got it in 07, was my dad's DD. It was still stock, probably had 60-70k miles. and then now, at 229k miles and a few mods later, took this after washing it last week: The JL is less interesting. Back when I got it in 2022...
  13. RJV

    Anyone running the Rancho Performance 2in sport kit?

    Thanks, I appreciate your feedback! Great video, rewatched it today. I think I'm leaning this way. I'm just not sure what the Clayton/Fox combo will get me for the extra $$$. That looks great! What size tires are you running? are those the rubicon fender flares? Mine will look like it skipped...
  14. RJV

    Anyone running the Rancho Performance 2in sport kit? Trying to decide on my lift for the spring. I came across this kit - wondering if anyone has run this kit or these shocks? Seems like...
  15. RJV

    VIDEO : Clean Dirty Tires & Make Them Look Black Again without the Shine

    Great video! Been a detailer as a side hobby/job since I was a kid. Another thing that works great on dirty tires is a good stiff drill brush, like this...
  16. RJV

    Whiskey of the Day

    Had the opportunity to take this bourbon flight at Bourbon in Nashville (best steakhouse I've been to, it's a Michael Mina restaurant). I'm decently new to bourbon, my "dailies" are either the normal Makers Mark (it's only 80 proof though) or Knob Creek Small Batch (100 proof). The Makers Mark...
  17. RJV

    Stock skid plates review - after trail 22 at Windrock

    Now at the back end, looks like I kissed the rear LCA mount at the frame and the shock mount on the driver's side. Again, to be expected if you are putting tires on the high stuff as you should. The rear diff skid plate took a few small hits too. The muffler got a decent sized dent in it and the...
  18. RJV

    Stock skid plates review - after trail 22 at Windrock

    I couldn't find any good threads on this earlier, but I thought this might be helpful for those with basically stock JLs to see how the stock armor performs. I think it's easy to think to go on anything more than a dirt road you need a full belly pan setup, especially to someone new to wheeling...
  19. RJV

    ACCUAIR Suspension System GIVEAWAY

    Here's my 18 JL: I would love the air suspension for many reasons! I love the air suspension on Land Rovers and think that combined with the solid axles of a Wrangler would make the ultimate on/off road vehicle. In ski season, I could lower it for loading up skis or fitting in parking garages...
  20. RJV

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome from WI as well! I'm in the La Crosse area, what about you?
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