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  1. Stegertime


    This is absolutely perfect timing, I've been looking into getting a sport cage recently, thank you Wayalife and Rock Hard for coming to the rescue! This has been a crazy year and after the Rockin Rubicon Run this year I put the JKU on 37s and the family has really been getting into wheeling. I...
  2. Stegertime

    THROWBACK THURSDAY - Show Us Pics of Your Jeep Back in the Day!

    I like that green Frank [emoji1][emoji108]🏻 I did the Budget Boost phase too! [emoji482]
  3. Stegertime

    A little please

    Just came out front and saw this. Is it safe to assume it's just a seal leak or something more serious?
  4. Stegertime

    4.0L still going strong

    This was my 04 TJ with a 4.0, went 185k before I sold it and never had a problem!
  5. Stegertime

    Enforcers Unite!

    A bit of a Frankenstein lift, but it is an Enforcer just no draglink flip kit yet. 3" springs, LCAs, stock drive shafts, with bump stops from a Terabend BBkit [emoji1][emoji23][emoji106]🏻
  6. Stegertime

    ENTER to WIN a Dynatrac ProGRIP Jeep JK Wrangler Brake System - ENDED

    Wow this is such an incredible giveaway, thank you so much Dynatrac and Wayalife! As many, I too have recently made the move to 37s and have a family that I like to keep out of harms way. I'm working on a sport cage now and after watching that video I definitely think the ProGrip system is a...
  7. Stegertime

    SPOTTED: Any 4X4 other than a Jeep JK/JL Wrangler

    Bronco I think [emoji1]
  8. Stegertime

    Building the Yeti - 2014 White JKU Sport Build

    New Ten Factory rear axle shafts today! Too much fun on my birthday left me with a bent axle flange and the squeaks! Ordered up a set of Ten Factory rear chromoly axle shafts from Northridge with bearings pressed on already. Got a great deal thanks NR! Took about 1.5hrs with the write up on...
  9. Stegertime

    Offroad Evolution shop thread!

    Looks like this
  10. Stegertime

    Building the Yeti - 2014 White JKU Sport Build

    After the 37s I needed to trim the pinch seams, so I went over to Panda's and he helped me take off those as well as swap in some 2.5" rear springs instead of the rubber pucks from the budget boost. Added about an inch of lift. Sits nice, rides great. Ready for a little day run with the family...
  11. Stegertime

    Whites Unite - Show off Your White Jeep Picture Thread!!

    Joined the 37 club the other day
  12. Stegertime

    Free: Rancho Shock Boot

    Is this still available, somehow I found I have one red boot and one black boot, I need to match them up. Would be greatful if you could ship in a large box with lots of peanuts please. See my problem below
  13. Stegertime

    Building the Yeti - 2014 White JKU Sport Build

    More rubber, more fun! Just joined the 37 club today. Still have some small mods to do in order for it to run properly with these bad boys, but I'm really liking the look of things to come. Next up, trim those darn pinch seams! Here's a comparison shot, top is Toyo 35s, bottom is the new TGs...
  14. Stegertime

    Suspension help please. Axle off center w/ sway bar links being flexed out.

    I had this happen to me, it was the track bar, it didn't look like it at first, but when I swapped it out, it was clearly bent. I had the bumpstops rubbing and shifted sway bar like you have here. Below is a shot of the slightly bent sway bar and the straight one I put in small difference but...
  15. Stegertime

    Personalized License Plates - What's Yours Say?

    When the Jeep is heading out for fun, it's always Stegertime!
  16. Stegertime

    NorCal: Signal Peak -- Sept 13th

    This is what I got at home If you need it let me know
  17. Stegertime

    Watcha cookin'?

    Reminiscing of my days in SoCal today and decided to build a chicken fajita burrito with homemade pico, yum! Went for Tri color bell peppers and red onions for flair [emoji1][emoji23][emoji482]
  18. Stegertime

    Wiring Rubi e-locker to Switch Pros panel

    Looking for some help on how to wire my new rubi axles into my Switch Pros panel. I've searched the forum and read a couple of good write ups on wiring the locker to rocker switches, but since I don't have rocker switches, I'll admit I'm a bit confused. I've also seen some back and forth on...
  19. Stegertime

    35 club!

    35x12.50x17 Toyo Open Country MTs Some old pics and some new ones
  20. Stegertime

    D44 F+R 4.10 gears with complete Motive rebuild kits

    Not sure if there is interest, but thought I'd throw it out there. I recently regeared some Rubi axles with 1800mi on them with 5.13 gears. I bought gears and rebuild kits, but the shop didn't need the rebuild kits to do the swap. I'm sitting on these gears and kits and figured I would put a...
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