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  1. Bierpower

    It’s Not About Respecting His Wishes, It’s About Freedom of Speech

    Went to the website for "the best" switch system available to see where they are actually made. Not listed, so not likely this side of any water. I was surprised to find over the last few years they ditched their old design and now sell a solid sate system with app control remake. Also leading...
  2. Bierpower

    You're Doing It Wrong

    Looks like they were driving on a flat. Always pull over and put on the spare.
  3. Bierpower

    Third time is a charm

    It's been a minute since I've updated this thread. Ended up putting the 4" springs in the rear and it leveled everything out. Got the transmission all tuned in and running good. Finally got a chance today to slap on the trimmed paint matched fenders. I'll likely end up making some liners at...
  4. Bierpower

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I can't wait to hear her tell me about climate change and how my diesel is killing the planet 🙄
  5. Bierpower

    OBD2 Readers. Possibly JScan

    You can download the jscan app and go through the demo mode to make sure it does what you want. The OBDII adapter is Bluetooth so you lost me with all the cable stuff. I use the app for gear changes, tire/speedometer correction, DRL... But this is all on a JK. Never went through the things it...
  6. Bierpower

    Have any of you guys thought about or have done a V8 swap ?

    Motech does the LT swap but they use the 10L80 instead of the factory transmission like bruiser. I've done two of them now. They have a pretty solid system. Edit: like jeeeep said, I've done JK's and I know Motech did a gladiator/JL at some point but not sure they ever put a kit together for it.
  7. Bierpower

    The CYBERTRUCK : What do You Think of It?

    If that thing were any gayer it would have a dildo for a hood ornament to match the one behind the wheel.
  8. Bierpower

    Howdy, from Texas.

    Welcome to wayalife. Is that a vauxhall or a Chevy with a front end conversion?
  9. Bierpower

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Dot be fooled. When they refer to our democracy they aren't thinking of you or your republic. "Our democracy" is quite literally their democracy. They couldn't give a shit less about anybody that doesn't support their agenda.
  10. Bierpower

    WAYALIFE Old Iron Recovery Rig

    I feel like the "modest" side of these tires look better
  11. Bierpower


    A good one I've been seeing more lately. We ordered a heater for a work area in the corner of the shop. If I had it sent to my work in town, beside the interstate, I could get it next Monday (this was on Tuesday). If I had it shipped to my house 20 miles out of town they could deliver it...
  12. Bierpower

    $5 NO MESS Oil Filter Change Solution for a 392

    Just throwing it out there, these are what we used for troublesome filter/drain locations. It has a formable sheet inside and wipes clean pretty easily. May be worth adding to the Amazon store...
  13. Bierpower

    Random Photos

    Fixed it for you.
  14. Bierpower

    Hemi Conversion questions

    I've done a couple of the Motech LS/LT swaps (long story) in my garage by myself. Motech has been doing this long enough that they have a pretty great system. And both times I had the jeep swapped and driving down the road for less than a set of dynatracs.
  15. Bierpower

    Random Photos

    New selfie stick??
  16. Bierpower

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I believe it's supposed to be read "tighten your anus" like we're about to do so sketchy shit. JKX 2013 was all about pucker factor. 🤷‍♂️
  17. Bierpower

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Funny old Ray Epps didn't make the list for some reason.
  18. Bierpower

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Exactly what I was thinking. The letter changes next to the house speakers name. God save us all.
  19. Bierpower

    Pet Peeves - What Pisses You Off?

    This type of thing makes me happy to still have a JK.
  20. Bierpower

    Crazy Cool Clouds

    Another one the wife got of the snow rolling in this week.
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