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  1. Texas Nick

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    So far so good.
  2. Texas Nick

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    I just got my Odyssey portable charger. This thing is so much lighter than I expected! Plus, 2 day shipping was pretty cheap and just got here :brows: My battery had actually died on me once. So let’s see how this goes.
  3. Texas Nick

    315 Duratrac's

    215/70-17 on a 2.5” lifted JL? This is the outcome of that look. Only rubbing issues would be a rub of shame.
  4. Texas Nick

    Smaller than a Renegade? Wonder if this is the reason why they were ceasing the sales of that SxS brand that was to look like the older gen wrangler? [emoji848]
  5. Texas Nick

    Wrangler lawsuit Thought you guys would get a kick out of the comment section of this thing. Laughed a little too hard at one in specific [emoji28]
  6. Texas Nick

    Fancy diff covers

  7. Texas Nick

    Exodus Jeeps 7075 XD Tie Rods

    Thanks again for the tie rod Bubba! Thing looks beefy as hell, and so much easier to align the toe than the factory one. Can’t wait to try it out on some trails [emoji41]
  8. Texas Nick


    Lesbians you say? 🧐
  9. Texas Nick

    Safety hazard Come on guys.. this is super dangerous, plz stap it..
  10. Texas Nick

    2018 Texas Exodus

    I also have the remedy for that one!
  11. Texas Nick

    2018 Texas Exodus

  12. Texas Nick

    I’ve avoided this place for some time, guess I should stick to my convictions...

    Wonder what got his panties in a bunch.
  13. Texas Nick

    Our member jku007fl trash talking on JKO

    Evo after they hung up the phone with him [emoji23]
  14. Texas Nick

    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    I love Fridays [emoji41]
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