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  1. Lucky51

    Moving Sale Today and Tomorrow Only

    This is available for active members. These parts have been lightly used unfortunately. JE Reel front drive shaft fit for D30- 150. OBO Currie 4" springs front/rear for JKU- 100. OBO Bilstein 5100 series fit for 4" lift (4) - 50. OBO Rock sliders off my 09 Sahara- free First come first...
  2. Lucky51

    Dana 30 and 44 diff skid plates

    I have an 09 Sahara,looking for something used and in decent shape. I know they're fairly cheap brand new, but if anyone has any laying around I'd be willing to pay. Thanks
  3. Lucky51

    Used parts 09 Sahara unlimited

    Here is a picture of the front bumper and sliders,if interested.
  4. Lucky51

    Used parts 09 Sahara unlimited

    Here's what's available, Front bumper w/ hardware, Metal sliders w/ hardware, stock front and rear drive shafts w/ most or all the hardware and (5) 255/75/15 tires w/ stock 5 spokes. Unsure of how many miles given I bought this unnamed love of mine 3 weeks ago. I'm mainly looking to have...
  5. Lucky51

    Spare Key for 09 JKU

    Hey Guys and Gals, I figured I'd ask before I spend time searching. What's the easiest way to get a spare key for my jeep ie... dealer or is there a better avenue? Thanks
  6. Lucky51

    Jku Fog light wiring w/ EVO 1/4 bumper

    Okay, newbie question here regarding what to do with the fog light wiring harness once the new bumper is installed. I guess I'm looking for ideas or suggestions on how to still utilize this switch and harness. I do plan on getting a light bar eventually. Any help would be great. Hopefully...
  7. Lucky51

    Wave from Inland Empire

    I've been watching these videos for the past few months. I'm excited to say I just aquired my first Jku. Excited to start my build. Thanks in advance from this nooob.
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