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    POLL : What Size Tire are You Running on Your Jeep?

    I'm running 35's and air down to 12 LBs which works perfectly for me while running rocky trails in Ontario Canada.
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    Largest tires on a 2013 JKU?

    Somehow during all my research on the JKU I didn't realize a small lift kit could affect my warranty so my plans of a 2.5 lift and 35" tires is put on hold until my factory warranty expires. :doh: So my question is for a Jeep that won't see any moderate to sever off roading how large a tire can...
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    Will this tire/wheel setup fit my 2013 JKU?

    Found a local set of rims and tires for sale but I have no idea if they will fit my stock 2013 JKU. Here are the details from the owner. The tires are 33 inch by 12.5" wide on a 15 inch rim. Tires are BFG KM2 Mud terrains. Great tires. Rims are aluminum Mickey Thompson wheels. 15 inch by 8"...
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    I'm so bummed out right now.

    I've always admired Jeeps as far back as CJ5 days when I was a kid, the bigger the better of course. Fast forward to last year my wife and I decided to research a new vehicle and the Jeep seemed to fit our needs perfectly, for me this was the time to go back to my childhood and start building...
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    Virgin from Niagara Falls Canada.

    Ever since I saw my first CJ5 many years ago I've wanted a Jeep but it never happened until last summer when I bought a 2013 Red Lobster JKU. I have already ordered a front bumper and sliders from ACE and have many more mods on my wish list. My goal is for my wife and I to drive to Moab (+ -...
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