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  1. jeeeep

    BFG KO2

    These are OEM off the JL, asking $400 - they came off the JL at approx. 28000 miles
  2. jeeeep

    LOD JLU Sliders - price drop

    LOD JLU sliders, don't fit with EVO longarm suspension they never got to experience off-road travel $500 + shipping. Lone Star Overnight is very reasonable within Tx, some areas of LA, OK, NM
  3. jeeeep

    Jeep JT 3.0L EcoDiesel

    It's coming 2021... damn, almost pulled the trigger but think I'll wait.
  4. jeeeep

    JLU soft brakes

    last week on startup, my brakes almost went to the floor and had to pump them a couple of times. Since then, the brakes have felt soft, fluid level is full. Wondering if it's because of the 37's? but they've been on since March and not something I experienced with the JKU Anyone else...
  5. jeeeep

    JLU Leg room!

    I took care of a lot of the JKU issues and have been driving it around and when I got back in the JLU I once again became very aware of the seat not going back far enough as I smashed my knee cap on the headlight switch (again) getting in and sitting with my right leg bent in an uncomfortable...
  6. jeeeep

    AEV Procal Snap JL and Gladiator

    AEV Procal Snap JL and Gladiator -- GONE! NIB AEV Procal Snap - $75 - shipping within lower 48
  7. jeeeep

    Method Street Wheel 315 NIB

    5 New in box Method Street Wheel 315 --- $900.00 Size: 17x8.5, Bolt Pattern: 5x5, Offset/Backspace: 0/4.75", Color: Machined Bought these for my JL thinking it would not be going on trails for at least a couple of years and well...prepping it for EJS and going a different route on wheels :doh...
  8. jeeeep

    JL LCA torque setting confusion

    I've begun to make changes to my "18 JL and trying to figure out what torque setting is for the LCA. I see in the torque specs 103 Ft-Lb +50* (I need to pick up a torque angle gauge) but the instructions I have for this lift indicate factory torque specs but then list LCA torque at 190 Ft-Lb...
  9. jeeeep

    Lift input 2.5; 3.5" 37's

    I know I may be way overthinking this but with all the little PIA issues that keep popping up with my JKU, I'm looking at lifting the JLU Rubicon and have it ready to take to EJS. 2.5" vs 3.5" lift I hope to use the STT Pro 37x13.50 currently on my JKU on the JL. From Eddie's previous 2.5"...
  10. jeeeep

    installed Synergy Track bar and TB Reinforcement & Sector Shaft

    Got the Synergy track bar and the TB Reinforcement & Sector Shaft brace installed on my stock JL; took a short drive and handling felt a lot better. Didn't feel like I was having to constantly correct. :thumb: I do wish I would've done a test drive with just the track bar to see what...
  11. jeeeep

    Another one bites the dust

    Well... after several test drives and looking for the Ocean Blue 3.6, this followed me home. It didn't have everything I wanted but the damn price was right and that little voice in my head ...:doh::doh::doh: lol The Infotainment system is insane! Will be trading out the soft top for a hard...
  12. jeeeep

    Replacing Passanger HUB every 6 months

    Need some ideas on what might be causing my passenger side HUB to wear out so fast. I've now replaced it 4 times at about 6 month intervals. My dash ABS, EPS lit up on my way back from New Mexico @80-85mph- thought it might be clock-spring since cruise control stopped working. Once I got...
  13. jeeeep

    Decided to try Cooper STT on KMC Machete

    It was time for new tires and after 3 months of back and forth between another set of BFG KO2 or Cooper STT, I decided to give the Coopers a go. 37x13.5x17 on KMC Machete...these suckers are heavy!!! Was fighting getting the Cooper thick bead in place, it kept popping off the opposite side...
  14. jeeeep

    2015 budget lift and 285's

    My daughter has caught the Jeep aesthetics bug and has asked if I would put the wheel/tire combo I removed from my 2010 - 315/70/17 on the 2015. It's a 2015 Sport completely stock that will never see the dirt. I don't want to put the 315's on because of the additional mods that would be...
  15. jeeeep

    Transfer Case position switch

    my 4WD on the dash is lit up all the time but I am able to switch in and out of 4Hi, 4Lo to 2WD no issues. I have a new position switch and am looking for tips on how to replace it. I'm thinking I'll need to remove the drive shafts, remove the TC shield and remove the cross member. I hope...
  16. jeeeep

    Why does ugly sell!!!

    Barret Jackson 2017 Jeep beat with an ugly stick sold for $69,300!! I think i'll take off my parts, install cheap ugly parts and put it up for auction. the more useless crap it has on it the more capable and expensive it must be...
  17. jeeeep

    Dynatrac ball joint rebuild

    Has anyone rebuilt the Dynatrac ball joints? how difficult was it? The instructions appear pretty straight forward but in my head everything appears easy enough until I start lol I notice the kit comes with upper and lower for one side- should I rebuild both sides just to keep them equal on wear?
  18. jeeeep

    Cleaning out the garage

    48" Hi-lift brand new never used - local pick up $50 too heavy to ship. Decided to part with a couple other items: JKS adjustable front track bar with jam nut wrench. $140 I put it on but it but will not work with my current ram setup, took it off after cycling my suspension...
  19. jeeeep

    2010 stock silver 17" Moab wheels w/ SRA tires

    they've got to go! local pick up to active member there may be some road rash, can't remember if they still have TPMS in them (I don't think they do) Been in my garage too long!
  20. jeeeep

    Wanted - Front stock bumper - TX

    well...daughter was out driving on her own in the 2015 JKU and had a fender bender, no injuries but it crushed the bumper pads that stick out. I thought I might be able to heat them up and push them out but no luck. looking for a front stock bumper in the DFW area.
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