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  1. dlm_jku

    Trigger S-Pod light when Jeep is in reverse?

    I have small LED light on my spare, it's connected to an S-Pod that was installed by the previous owner. I was wondering if it would be possible to wire it up to function as a reverse/backup light as well? So it would come on when I hit the switch on the S-Pod or when I put my Jeep (manual, if...
  2. dlm_jku

    Tire shop damaged tire

    I bought a set of tires through a local store part of a chain and mounted them on beadlocks. I didn't remember until I had a couple mounted that they're asymmetrical and had one backwards. The shop said they'd remove it for me (I had already set the bead). I just noticed a chunk (probably only...
  3. dlm_jku

    KMC Machete vs Grenade beadlock weight

    I've been considering beadlocks and was surprised to see such a weight difference between these two: Machete Crawl KM22979050538N: ~45 lbs Grenade Crawl KM23579050538N: ~35 lbs Overall the appear very similar, and even have the same load rating, I was surprised to see that the Machete is nearly...
  4. dlm_jku

    JK Caster and Pinion angles

    I have a 2015 JKUR with the Mopar Stage 3 lift kit and have been trying to improve my steering. After installing new ball joints, tie rod and drag link I got an alignment and found my caster was only 3.2 degrees. My lift kit doesn't have adjustable control arms, so I was considering replacing my...
  5. dlm_jku

    Steering Upgrade options for JKUR with Stage 3 MOPAR lift

    I have a 2015 JKUR with the 3" MOPAR lift on 35s. It currently has about 35,000 miles, I've only put about 4,000 miles on it and the previous owner did most of the modifications shortly after buying it new. Since I've had it I've noticed a lot more play in the steering more recently. The...
  6. dlm_jku

    Worth it to Regear/what Ratio? Manual JKUR with 35s

    I have a manual 2015 JKUR with the 3" Mopar lift, 295/70r18 (basically skinnier 35s) tires, stock 4.10 axles and I feel like I really have baby the clutch when starting from a stop compared to other stick shift vehicles I've owned. From the charts and posts I've seen, it sounds like 4.56 is...
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