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  1. Ddays

    5 brand new JL wheels & tires.

    Taken off my JL. Put about 50 miles on them before they got the heave-ho. Located near Pittsburgh. Willing to drive reasonable distance to meet. Shipping would be prohibitive but I can do it via UPS or common carrier if someone really wanted me to. $1000 to a WAL member. Spider webs & shed dust...
  2. Ddays

    Dynatrac Brake question

    Can anyone confirm that the front brakes on a D60 are F350 Brakes? I've got a leaking piston seal and I'm waiting to see if it's gonna be covered under warranty. If not, I want to have one in a cart ready to for me to pull the trigger and get shipped out ASAP.
  3. Ddays

    Hey look! Jeep just started building Durango's!

    Jeep Cherokee L's coming this spring. In other words, they started badging the Durango as a Jeep. No issues here, I like it. Sadly, the Durango is a slightly overlooked vehicle. I had fantastic luck with mine and it's still going strong at 260k plus miles...
  4. Ddays

    That 70's Thread

    I was inspired by JKBrick today to start this thread. I am a proud child of the 70's, the best, baddest, most fun decade to have grown up in ever. This is dedicated to all of the fun, stupid, outrageous, corny, and just plain badass shit we did. Being from Pittsburgh was the absolute best time...
  5. Ddays

    New Hummer EV. Yea or Nay?

    IDK, this thing looks pretty badass. 1000 hp 0-60 in 3 sec Crabwalk Extract Mode Lots more. These electric vehicles are pretty damn wild. After seeing the Mach E Mustang, and now the Hummer, I have to say I'm kinda looking forward to what an all electric Wrangler could look and perform like...
  6. Ddays

    WTF? I got Ovie'd!

    Came out of the local watering hole and found this on my door. First #duckingjeeps and now #fuckingoverlander? :crazyeyes:
  7. Ddays

    Drag link anyone?

    Rare Parts 2.5 ton DL. Used for a couple months but went back to stock DL on current setup. $100 + UPS - probably $20 or so depending where it goes. Little elbow grease & paint & it'll look as good as new. SOLD
  8. Ddays

    110V to 220V Converter??

    My daughter just bought a big window AC unit but didn't realize it was 220. I told her she needed an electrician to wire her in a 220 plug but she found this online & asked about it. 110-220 "converter". I said hell no...
  9. Ddays

    TCase issues/potentially solved

    So my Tcase issues are fairly common I guess. Two cracked cases are enough for a lifetime. I could never really figure out why this happened, especially the grenaded one. I was at the shop checking on the progress of the axle install today and happened to look at the Tcase that just got taken...
  10. Ddays

    Johnny Joint question

    Seems line an awful lot of play for roughly 25k on these JJ's. I don't know if these were clocked better so that the notches in both the adjusting nut and tightening nut were lined up this would be tighter? Anyone got any comments or suggestions?
  11. Ddays

    King Shocks anyone?

    Shocks are SOLD! Thanks Ainokea! Will have a set of Kings without adjusters, available in a couple weeks. In pretty good shape. Slight rock rash here and there but nothing too serious. For 3-5" lift. I can take pics if needed. Also have a set of 3.5 RK springs available at the same time that...
  12. Ddays

    Anyone need a PR44?

    SOLD! Now that my axles will be here in a week or so, it's time to offer up my front axle that I will no longer be needing. It should be available within the next 3 weeks or so, once I finalize the plans. Certainly no longer than a month. $3500 Specs: PR44 Unlimited .5" wall tubes Dynatrac...
  13. Ddays

    Why people in the Pittsburgh area are so damn crabby this time of year

    Bunch of bullshit. Zero sunny days in January. Will you people out West please share some of the goddam sunshine? Good thing I'm a naturally happy go lucky glass is half full kinda guy :D
  14. Ddays

    37" Coopers on Slabs/Hard top for JKU/PS rear bumper

    Time to clean out some old stuff to get ready for the new. Adding to the list Set of Bushwacker flat fenders. All 4 in good shape. Can ship on your dime if wanted. $200.00. Flashback photo below FENDERS ARE SOLD 5) ATX Slabs with 37x13.5x17 Cooper STT Pros. Wheels are in great shape. Very...
  15. Ddays

    How is shit like this acceptable?

    This ad is supposedly going to be posted on a billboard in Times Square. How is this acceptable to any person, regardless of gender, race, political affiliation, anything? Regardless of how you feel about President Trump, this imagery should outrage you. Instead, it's praised by the "woke...
  16. Ddays

    I'm a Jeep Influencer!

    LOL, not a social media one, but my brother and sister-in-law finally got tired of hearing how much fun it is owning Jeeps and went and got their own a couple days ago. Nice Bikini Rubicon. This color is pretty damn cool. Ha, this is the start of me getting back at him for giving my wife a...
  17. Ddays

    ATX Chamber Pro's 17x9 5x5.5 raw aluminum

    Looking for 5 of these bad boys. ATX quit making them along with slabs. Not interested in black. Gotta be raw aluminum. Lemme know
  18. Ddays

    Nfl 2019

    Well another year is starting soon and everyone's expectations are sky high I'm sure. Here in Pittsburgh everyone already is feeling it's been a winning season because we unloaded Mr Big Chest himself, Antonio Brown. Congrats Oakland - he's all yours! :cheesy: Two weeks into camp and he's...
  19. Ddays

    Dynatrac Codex 3 burnout video coming tomorrow on IG

    Maybe that was the plan - mount those Milestars and burn the living shit out of them? Should be a Brutish video. ;)
  20. Ddays

    WTF?! ISIS in Pittsburgh?!

    Hoookay now. Little too close to home for this nonsense.
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