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  1. SLO

    Random Parts for JK

    Cleaning out the garage, getting ready to move. Here is what I have: - OEM Mopar mirrors with the relocation bracket to a-pillar (for running mirrors with doors removed): $120 - Rigid Industries mount for 50" LED windshield light: $60 - Metal Cloak rear track bar bracket: $20 - Maximus-3...
  2. SLO

    Long time…

    Hey guys, haven’t been around for a while and wanted to say hi. I was cleaning out the garage and wanted to list some things on here (and give some things away) but genuinely also want to check back in as well. Also, looking to move from Oregon to mid-Tennessee. Gonna need some new friends and...
  3. SLO

    Diff Drain and Fill Plug

    Do you guys use RTV or any other type of sealant on your diff drain and/or fill plugs?
  4. SLO

    Rubicon Poo Truck

    Dream job or nightmare dirty job?
  5. SLO

    Sway Bar Motor Rotate with Genright Ultra Low

    Has anyone tried installing Genright’s Ultra Clearance front bumper with the Rubicon sway bar disconnect motor rotated? Just wondering if there are any clearance issues.
  6. SLO

    Need Help Troubleshooting

    I realize that trying to troubleshoot over a forum is near impossible but I wanted to run this by the community for input. I’m having two issues with my Jeep that I think could be related. It’s been in the shop for weeks now and I believe that they are chasing down the wrong rabbit trail. I...
  7. SLO

    Aluminum EVO Quarter Pounder

    I know it’s a long shot but I have been trying to find an aluminum quarter pounder. EVO is no longer making them in aluminum. If anyone would be willing to part with theirs for the right price, let me know.
  8. SLO

    Pawning my P.O.S. Hard Top on you guys

    Selling my hard top but I want to be 100% transparent...there is definitely a small leak in the seals somewhere. I haven’t spent the time to figure out where and I could probably just replace them but I have other tops and I just don’t want to deal with it in the NW. For someone in So Cal...
  9. SLO

    Trail Etiquette

    I was just reading a couple of rules on Holy Cross in CO and it got me thinking about trail etiquette. They don’t allow stacking rocks on obstacles and you can’t winch from trees. What are people’s thoughts on these as unstated rules (and other etiquette) on trials that don’t specifically call...
  10. SLO

    JK Tailgate Hinge Cover

    Does anyone happen to have a pair of the plastic covers that go over the factory JK tailgate hinge laying around? See picture.
  11. SLO

    Motech LS Swap Gremlins

    Half way to Moab with the family and it’s been an interesting trip so far. This is the first long trip since getting the JK back with the Motech LS swap. I have been meaning to start a build thread as there are so many little details that I feel like are worth documenting for others to know...
  12. SLO

    Offroad Shop in Moab

    Any recommendations on a good shop in Moab? I need to have the breaker on my Camaro SS fan looked at (part of Motech LS swap). Having issues overheating. Also, anyone know of places that will fill CO2?
  13. SLO

    Superchips Flashpaq 3872

    I am selling my Flashpaq 3872. Since I did an LS swap, I no longer need the performance tuning...or, I should say, I can't use it for performance tuning on the I am selling it. This is the F4 version which is the previous generation but it has all the same options and features as the...
  14. SLO

    Other Forums

    Am I the only one that comes across a thread on another forum and wishes it was posted on WAYALIFE just so I can see everyone’s reactions? Specifically, so I can see OverlandJK’s reaction? Do a Google search for “overland carbon fiber cabinet”. Curious on thoughts.
  15. SLO

    sPod, Teraflex Tire Carrier, Mopar front bumper, engine, Pro Comp wheels and more

    Trying to clean out the garage and have some stuff to sell. Here is the list and pricing. All prices are w/o shipping. Everything is located in Oregon except for the engine and transmission are at Motech in Vegas. sPod 6 switch in green - 600-0915LT-LED - The power cables and switch pod...
  16. SLO

    Need help with Dana 60 front calipers

    Trying to get to the pads in Fusion 4x4 front calipers (Dana 60’s). I removed the top pin to rotate them down. The rears were easy and I only needed to remove the top bolt and they pivoted down to access the pads. On the front, it will only pivot about 1/2” and and it hits hard against...
  17. SLO

    1-ton hubs

    For those of you with tons, specifically ProRock 60 or 80, do the front and rear hubs come powder coated? I got the Fusion axles and the rear is raw steel and the front Yukon locking hubs are raw as well (maybe treated, but still silver). They all started rusting almost immediately after the...
  18. SLO

    EVO Coilover Setups

    For those of you with 40’s and bolt-on coilovers, how are you setting them up as far as height? I currently have a 3.5” spring/shock setup and want to go bolt-on coilovers. I am wondering if there is an ideal balance between low center of gravity and max travel/articulation, specifically with...
  19. SLO

    Drain Holes on KMC XD Wheels

    I couldn't find a thread that was already started titled "Who Wasted the Most Amount of Time on Their Jeep Doing a Pointless Mod" so I figured I'd weigh in. Since I am going to Dana 60's, I needed new wheels. I want beadlocks and first priority was backspacing being between 4.75" and 5.5"...
  20. SLO

    Springtail Solutions M-Pac Rack

    I guess Springtail doesn’t make these any more. I’m hoping that someone has one that they would be willing to sell. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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