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  1. danford.lau

    Rubicon take off front axle shafts

    Try to carry a set and gave away the passenger side shaft away on the Dusy Anyone in SoCal an extra lying around they wanna offload? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. danford.lau

    Random stuff free - rubicon rails, Jerry can, arb jack base, brackets

    Have a bunch of random things lying around . Free pickup in west LA or pay for shipping and it’s yours Arb jack base, day star cam cam Jerry can, bracket for steering stabilizer 2 fairlead light mounting brackets JMW billet grill insert Stock rubicon rails Little to no hardware ...
  3. danford.lau

    PS Brawler Knockers

    Rocker Knockers .. frame mounted . Sorry . Not sure how to change title Found a cheap set brand new for a good price .. given I’m still running barricade sliders .. do folks recommend these ? I like evo but could get these for substantially less . Do they hold up ? Will they work with...
  4. danford.lau

    Rear floor mats for JK

    What are your favorite back seat floor mat brand for a JK? My front floor mats fit great and lock in but the rear ones don’t catch shit,, don’t lock down, and almost fly out when the doors are off on the highway . Not sure what brand they are but time for an upgrade . Sent from my iPhone...
  5. danford.lau

    Shaver Lake over 4th of July

    Going to be camping up near Shaver Lake from July 4-7 with the fam . Folks that live up there .. are the trails open ? My guidebook lists -Bald mountain -Brewer Lake -mirror/ strawberry lake - coyote lake -swamp lake I know it’s been a long winter . Anyone know of trail conditions ? Sent...
  6. danford.lau

    Evo plush ride coils bowing - a lot

    Have Evo 3” plush rides on all 4 corners . The rear is sagging and especially the back right ... causing a noticeable lean . Went under to check it out and found the springs bowing a lot . First photo is back right . Second is back left . The fronts seem fine . Thoughts ? Are these bad...
  7. danford.lau

    Utah over Memorial Day

    My wife and I are thinking about visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Parks over 4 day weekend . We would probably start driving up Thursday night and arrive mid day Friday. Would spend 3 days exploring and drive back Monday to LA . Is it enough time to enjoy the parks ? It wouldn’t be...
  8. danford.lau

    Top and Bottom Radiator Hose Replacement?

    Last weekend the dealership did a bunch of work on my rig under warranty -- passenger airbag recall, water pump, pulleys, etc . In the process, they reported that the top and bottom radiator hoses are going bad -- technician said they were spongy -- and needed to be replaced. I declined the...
  9. danford.lau

    Help with drip leak

    I have a small drip coming from above the transmission .. coming from what looks like a tube above heat shielding .. can you guys tell me what this is ? Few photos taken from driver side right behind front wheel . The drip is coming from that open black tube down onto the transmission...
  10. danford.lau

    Upgrades on 2 door

    My boss has a 2 door JK sport (2008- islander) and is looking to build it up and gift it to his 16 year old son . He’s asked what he should do to set it up for mild off roading and good on road manners. We discussed a 2” lift, 33” all terrain tires (his idea) — Ko2s maybe ?, sliders, oil pan...
  11. danford.lau

    Bent steering stabilizer

    Bought a rancho SS to replace the factory one which was bashed on a rock. Installed it on the relocated position on the evo drag link flip bracket right before I went to 37s . Haven’t really done any wheeling since and have put 200 miles on since beadlocks and 37s but noticed it’s bent . Only...
  12. danford.lau

    3.5” back spacing for 35x12.5 too little?

    I’m currently running Cooper STTs with 4” bs (5.2 + 1.25” spacers) Will 3.5” bs on 35s be too little ? Stick out too far ? Any concerns about stress on components? Please post up photos if you have them . Want examples of 35s and 37s (12.5 width) . I’m eventually going to 37s and want to...
  13. danford.lau

    Beadlocks for stock axles in Socal

    Interested in atx slabs or kmcs or trail ready Anyone have anything they are looking to move ? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. danford.lau

    Control arms and drag link

    6 arms (don’t have front lowers anymore) and stock drag link . If anyone wants them I’m in west Los Angeles . Will hold for a few weeks then likely going in dumpster Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. danford.lau

    Alignment issues

    Shop installed all 8 adjustable control arms (Core 4x4 tier 3) and the Evo drag link flip kit today. Was pulling to the right so I took it to American Tire depot and got an alignment . Print out shows before and after . For some reason after I picked up it’s still pulling to the right ...
  16. danford.lau

    Cooper STT

    Anyone have comparison of how the 315/70/r17 stacks up to the 35x12.5x17? Looking at the 315s in load E , 10 ply . Responses appreciated ! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  17. danford.lau

    WTB: Evo 3” plush ride coils

    Anyone have a set ? Located in SoCal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. danford.lau

    Next upgrade

    Want to step up to more technical trails out here in California .. have been running Miller Jeep, Gold Mountain, Cleghorn etc but want to try John Bull, Rubicon, Dusy, Swamp Lake and others soon ... JKUR has a 2.5” coil lift, sliders, engine and trans and fuel tank skids, bumpers, winch, diff...
  19. danford.lau

    What is this rattling box ?

    Can someone tell me what this box is ? Located on the rear and has hoses running to fuel tank . When I tap on it, it rattles . Can hear the rattle during acceleration. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  20. danford.lau

    Axle upgrade ..

    Stepped up to 35” tires on my 2015 Rubi . Has 4.1 gears and Dana 44 front and rear . This weekend, shop is installing Evo sleeves Evo c gussets Synergy ball joints jE reels 1310 drive shaft Decided not to gear to 4.56 as I’ve been driving around and wheeling and it’s been fine Anything...
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