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  1. Shadow's_Jeep

    Santiam Canyon Fire.

    Smoke fills the morning Sky above Keizer, Oregon at 6:49 AM as the Santiam Canyon goes up in flames. Five towns face extinction in wake of this fire. 09 JKU WRANGLER (Flame Red ) 19 JL WRANGLER (Bikini Pearl)
  2. Shadow's_Jeep

    Out with Renegade, In with the New JL WRANGLER SPORT.

    His: 2009 Wrangler Unlimited X 3.8- 6 Speed Manual Her's: 2016 Renegade Latitude 2.4,9 Speed Automatic.
  3. Shadow's_Jeep

    U87 Recall all 2018 Jeeps. PCM

    Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. Shadow's_Jeep

    My Shot Glasses have Arrived.

    Received my Wayalife shot glasses in the mail today. Thanks Eddie & Cindy for providing a great Web site. Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. Shadow's_Jeep

    CJ four door

    Saw this picture at Eddie Bauer in Lincoln City, Oregon. Of a CJ Jeep with Four door's sold over seas in Australia. The JKU Wrangler older bother. Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. Shadow's_Jeep

    Never sold in USA..CJ-8.

    Would've loved to have the Van.
  7. Shadow's_Jeep

    Wife's New Renegade Latitude 4X4

    Traded in my wife's 08 Liberty Limited for a 2016 Renegade for her Valentine's Day Present. Omaha Orange.
  8. Shadow's_Jeep

    Terra Grappler G2

    Just ordered 5 new Terra Grappler G2 tires LT285/70 R 17 E Great service at the store .
  9. Shadow's_Jeep

    Lifetime Power train Warranty

    Great!!! Took my 09 Jeep in for its 5year inspection, that you have to do to keep the Warranty going. 45 min latter the service manger comes back an tells me everything was fine but they have service the rear diff , before it would pass inspection. So after being quoted $80.00 for a drain an...
  10. Shadow's_Jeep

    2 Jeep's

    some pic's of my Jeep an my wife's Jeep . (mine) 09 wrangler X Unlimited - (her's) 08 Liberty Limited with Skyslider
  11. Shadow's_Jeep

    Hello from Oregon!

    Thanks for the Invite! I drive a 09 Jk Unlimited X, That i have been modding over the past 2 year's. i also have an 08 Liberty Limited that my wife drive's.
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