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  1. wayoflife

    VIDEO : Off-Road Basics in a Bone Stock 2-Door Jeep & Rock Crawling It

    People new to Jeeps and or to off roading in general have been asking Cindy and I to make a video highlighting the some of the basics, tips and tricks that every newbie should know and for quite some time now. And, I have to say that we've been reluctant to do so if only because we know that...
  2. wayoflife

    PSA : Don't be a BALLSACK - Be Sure to UNSTACK

    Clearly, there are times when you're out on a trail and come across an obstacle that's just a bit too big for what your rig can handle. And, it's always amazing how sometimes, all you need is a rock or two strategically placed in front of a tire to get you up and over. Of course, this is a...
  3. wayoflife

    Illuminated Jeep Badges - Yea or Nay?

    I don't know if any else got the latest Jeep survey but in the event you didn't, it was in regards to illuminated Jeep badges. Because, nothing would make a Jeep perform better off road than to have logos and emblems glow in the dark. Of course, I'm fully aware that I'm getting old and maybe I...
  4. wayoflife

    WOOHOO - FaceBook Instagram WhatsApp Outage!

    WooHoo - just read in the local news that Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp are suffering an outage! If only they could have taken out Twitter and Google too. 🤪
  5. wayoflife

    VIDEO : What Should be the First Mod?

    Bigger tires? Maybe a lift? How about a bumper and winch? The list goes on and on and they're all related to the one question that I get asked all the time, especially from people who are new to Jeeps. "What is the very first mod I should do?" Fortunately, Jeep JL Wranglers are without question...
  6. wayoflife

    VIDEO : Hi-Lift or Bottle Jack - What's the Better Tool for Changing a Tire?

    Without question, Hi-Lift jacks are extremely useful and versatile tools that every Jeep owner or off-roader in general should own. However, when it comes to changing a flat tire out on the trail, is it really the best tool for the job? In this video, you'll get to see just how well it does...
  7. wayoflife

    VIDEO : Trimmed the Body Trim on our Jeep Gladiator Bed

    So, I need to apologize and say right from the get go that this video is NOT a "how to" one. Unfortunately, Cindy and I didn't film what we did and mainly because we didn't think anyone would care. However, after making a post here on WAYALIFE and seeing the kind of response it was getting, we...
  8. wayoflife

    VIDEO : KC Flex ERA 4 Combo Lights

    It took the better part of a year for Cindy and I to finally get our hands on a set of KC Flex ERA 4 LED lights but I'm really glad that we waited because these things, are awesome! In fact, I wish we could have gotten 2 pairs, one in a combo beam and one in a spot but unfortunately, we were...
  9. wayoflife

    Shipping Cost is NOT Something I Have Any Control Over

    Yesterday evening, I got the following email from a Jeeper named Bill... And, I just wanted to say that I really am sorry that I haven't been able to keep the price point of my CB BAR lower than it is right now. Unfortunately, there is a steel shortage and prices literally change every day. It...
  10. wayoflife

    Gladiator Rear End Repaired & Trimmed

    As some of you may know, Cindy and I did a little body damage to the rear end of our Jeep Gladiator. This happened out on the Rubicon and ironically, it was caused by factory corner guards that I had just installed. But, to be fair, I was not able to install the guards as they would have been...
  11. wayoflife

    Jeep Bash 2021 - Who's Going?

    Just checking to see if any of you will be attending the 6th Annual Nitto Jeep Bash this year. As always, it'll be taking place in Bolsa Chica State Beach and on the weekend after Labor Day. :cool:
  12. wayoflife

    Blew a Hole in the MagnaFlow

    So, on our way down south, we were having to pass a few trucks and after one of the passes, Moby went from purring nice and pretty to sounding kind of loud and rattely. After pulling over to see what happened, this is what I found... Obviously, the muffler has taken a hit or two in the past...
  13. wayoflife

    VIDEO : RAMPAGE Trailview Fastback Soft Top for a Jeep JL Wrangler 4-Door

    A fastback soft top is something that Cindy and I have run on all our 4-door Jeep Wranglers and mainly because we love the way they look. But, there are other benefits to them such as being a lot lighter than a hard top, typically more affordable than a factory soft top and they can easily be...
  14. wayoflife

    PLEASE Watch Our Videos Carefully BEFORE You Buy

    So, I got the following email from a guy who bought a Rugged Ridge Savanah Top using the Amazon link that we have on our Pippi video. This is the one that shows just how easy it is to install on a 2-Door JL Wrangler...
  15. wayoflife

    RUBICON CLOSED due to Caldor Fire

    Damn, just saw in the local news that the Caldor Fire has exploded to 53,772 acres and that has prompted an emergency closer of the Eldorado National Forest. This will be from now thru September 30th. Of course, the Rubicon Trail is located in this forest and the fire is close to it.
  16. wayoflife

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    LOL - it's a funny thing how many experts there are on the internet and how eager they are to proudly chime in with their vast knowledge. Needless to say, I started this thread to highlight some of the amazing things that I've learned from them on our YouTube channel. So, this first comment was...
  17. wayoflife


    Getting stuck. It's something that can happen out on a beach, in the dunes, driving through a sandy desert wash or even up in freshly fallen snow. And, while this typically occurs with cars, SUVs or even trucks that don't have 4WD, it can happen to anyone and on any vehicle, even if it does. In...
  18. wayoflife

    POLL : MORE POWER for MOBY - Supercharger or Hot Cam & Headers?

    So, Cindy and I have been talking to Motech and we're wanting a bit more power for Moby... maybe something in the neighborhood of 600 HP if we can. Anyway, the question I have for you is, should we do an LT4 Supercharger OR do a hot cam and headers? What say you?
  19. wayoflife

    VIDEO : BIGGER is BIGGER - 38x12.50R17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Let's face it, bigger is bigger, even if it's just by an inch. And, while a 37 has been a great, "go to" big tire size for a Jeep running factory axles, there's been a growing demand for something, just a little bigger. Fortunately, Nitto has been listening and as of today, they're now offering...
  20. wayoflife

    KMC 17x9 Black Tank Beadlock Wheels

    As some of you may know, Nitto was kind enough to send Cindy and I a set of their brand new 38x12.50R17 Ridge Grapplers for testing and review and while we could have just installed them on JET's XD231 beadlock wheels, we decided to use the opportunity to change things up a bit. If nothing else...
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