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    Beadlock list - your top 3?

    Like others I’m narrowing down a list to make a purchase. Lots of questions here, please answer based on yours or others experiences. Method KMC Raceline ATX Fuel Spiderlock Ultra Hutchison Vision TrailGear Weld OMF (Some brands have a few models to choose from) What aluminum BL wheel...
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    Suggestions on Cj7 brake upgrades.

    86 cj running disk/drum. What routes have you guys taken to improve the braking? I’m interested in budget builds, I rarely drive the Jeep so I don’t want to spend big bucks on some of the kits I see online. Does anyone of the late model brake parts cross over to the CJ platform? Thanks Steve
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    Caster and vibration suggestions.

    Hello again... I had to simplify my other post so I just started a new one. After installing a ton of new parts including Oliver shafts I had my caster out of wack, I pulled the front shaft and all of my vibration went away. Shaft was reinstalled. I have my caster at 90* with the intention...
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    Need help jeep down. Arms, bumpstop issues etc.

    2015 jku rubicon Currently dealing with the front 44 only. Started with Rancho 4” sport and correction brackets. Still running the 4” springs but with Rancho adjustable upper and lower arms that are going in now along with aftermarket steering components. 44 is on floor jacks but I stopped...
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    Truss trial we’ll see...

    We own a Laser cutting and fabrication shop in Tulsa. I read plenty about sleeves and trusses being a waste of money but, with five welders employed I figured I would play with the Rubi 44. Bought a truss online and I already had the RSE clam shell kit from a Craigslist seller. I decided to...
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    Chevy truck door art.

    Team, My friend has owned a successful pawn shop in his small town, he recently moved his business into a brand new stand alone building. The walls are finished in tin and rustic wood, he has asked me to find some vintage items to hang on the walls. I need to also mention that he is friends...
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    Balljoints compatible with RCV axles Rubicon

    Sorry tired of searching the web for info. Thanks for any suggestions. I have a 2015 Rubicon. Bought a set of RCV axles and I’m shopping ball joints. The axle is trussed, clamshelled and has gussets but that should not come into play. Is there a simple list of the ball joints that will not...
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    The right timing / Barn find 86 CJ7 - guide me...

    Bought my 86 CJ7 off of CL. Found it at 930pm and drive it home at midnight with old tags, a misfire and dog hair infested interior. Within one hour the guy had 30 text and calls wanting to see the jeep the next morning but, nobody was smart enough to say can I come by right now! The guy needed...
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    Caster help ASAP please. Headed out in the morning.

    Thanks in advance! I'm googled out and vids are not helping much either. 2015 JKU auto Used to perform without issues, now, flighty and vibrates at 60mph 4" Rancho sport Tossed correction brackets and added Rancho Adj front lowers only. Rear control arms stock for now. Set lowers at 23"...
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    Tips installing adjustable control arms

    Looks like 1.620 x .560 Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Tips installing adjustable control arms

    I'll be paying someone next time! On jack stands and on my back, already feel like I have been ran over by a buffalo. Tips have helped!! Instead of 2x4's I used my lower arm after I removed it lol. Ratchet straps and crow bars all over the place! I tried to remove the upper arm nut through...
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    Tips installing adjustable control arms

    My lift is a Rancho Sport 4" with stock control arms and correction brackets. I bent the drivers side lower, I am replacing it with adjustable lowers and possibly uppers. Can I run the stock uppers and adjustable lowers until I purchase the adjustable uppers? I think yes, the question is...
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    Rocktoberfest Disney, Ok 10-26

    Rocktoberfest Disney, Ok Oct. -26,29th Come hang out below Grand Lake dam. Anyone new to the area contact me for lodging, directions etc. I have a group of 6 jeeps so far from my area, come join us. This is a good size event but you can still navigate without waiting in lines. Steve...
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    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Show Off Your Fall Colors!!

    Grand Lake, Co. 3-4 weeks ago. Turo rental jeep. Fun trip! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Windjammers -ORDHeros- tonneau covers

    Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    Windjammers -ORDHeros- tonneau covers

    I'm done searching 2015 and earlier threads on Google! I can't find any recent posts. Who makes the latest greatest weatherproof soft top with windbreaker and cargo cover? Is off-road heroes still in business? Love those tops but getting one sounds difficult. Looking for a full wrap upright...
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    What's your view like at work?

    Some parts from my family's fabrication shop. My wife is my boss lol. We have 10 Cnc lasers, brakes up to 20', welding, machining , powder coating etc. Wish I had time to start up a Jeep line of parts, meanwhile stuck in oil and gas industry. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE...
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    All things Colorado

    Another rent house pic Parting shot. Headed back to Denver Airport Brought a few Colorado stickers home to place on my Jeep I can't wait to get back up to that area or try a few other towns like Grand Lake. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    All things Colorado

    Back home in Tulsa, you nailed it we'll be going back for sure!! We ran some trails in RZR's just outside of Grand Lake, the Jeep was a 2010 TURO rental so we decided to keep it on the pavement. The trails were easy but the views kept us entertained! The wedding we attended kept us short on...
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