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  1. cozdude

    Jeepers who workout, weights and gym thread

    Great snack! I will do a PB sandwich for breakfast sometimes when I don’t want to make my normal breakfast sandwich
  2. cozdude

    2013 JKX build from stock to JKX ready

    Never forget
  3. cozdude

    WANTED: 2-Door JK Rubicon Rocker Guards

    There has been a few sets by me in eastern PA. Mainly 4 door but seen a couple 2 door ones
  4. cozdude

    Gladiator Suspension Take-Offs question

    Don’t see why not Don
  5. cozdude

    Testing airbag circuits?

    You want to check for resistance in the circuit with the battery disconnected. If you have OL on your meter then there is a break in the line. The airbag itself could be at fault as well causing the code
  6. cozdude

    Suds of the Day

    WW beers are hit and mainly miss for me. How was this one?
  7. cozdude

    Illuminated Jeep Badges - Yea or Nay?

    Idk if it’s gonna be standard but it will prob be a factory option. The GMC badges that we add onto trucks and suvs at work are all options and don’t come standard. I would hope Jeep does the same and gives people the option
  8. cozdude

    Central PA

    Welcome to WAYALIFE from Eastern PA
  9. cozdude

    Cozdude's build of Knuckles

    Andy drove down from NYC to give me his old jkur coils. Like any good guest I had to take him to the local brewery then we went back to my house a mile away and had to get a group pic
  10. cozdude

    Hello from Pennsyltucky

    Welcome from West Chester!
  11. cozdude

    Rubicon coils and shock

    I will take them! Will send you a PM Thanks Andy. I will text you
  12. cozdude

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    Gotta love all the fools who need to shit post people on youtube
  13. cozdude

    Rubicon coils and shock

    Anyone have some JKUR coils and shocks laying around they want to get rid of? also looking for a small budget boost pucks with shock extensions. need to rebuild my coilovers so need to be able to drive knuckles while that gets done.
  14. cozdude

    Wii/Playstation/XBox...what should I buy?

    Wife found it! She followed a few different pages on Twitter and she got the jump on one thru target
  15. cozdude

    Wii/Playstation/XBox...what should I buy?

    Finally got my hands on a PS5! God damn that was the hardest thing to get in the world
  16. cozdude

    Wii/Playstation/XBox...what should I buy?

    I was 8 when my parents got me a n64 back in the day.
  17. cozdude

    Suds of the Day

    Spent a few hours at Dewey beer co with sheafadelic today
  18. cozdude

    Gladiator Rear End Repaired & Trimmed

    Came out awesome Eddie! Looks much cleaner
  19. cozdude

    3.8 internal (engine/intake) coolant level

    It’s supposed to be a “sealed”system with no air in it. If there is air in your system then you have a crack somewhere allowing it to enter. when setting your coolant level always get it with the engine stone cold. Take the rad cap off and fill it. Then add coolant to your overflow.
  20. cozdude

    Suds of the Day

    Been drinking some of my Treehouse Brewing beers we brought hole from our Boston trip. Some highlights so far are Three Very Hazy Very Hhhazyyy And Bbbrigghttt Nelson I post all of the other beers I have on Untappd with my rating and thoughts. Feel free to follow @cozdude
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