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  1. SLO

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    COVID worsened the internet troll factor by at least 100x!!
  2. SLO

    Random Parts for JK

    Message sent
  3. SLO

    Random Parts for JK

    Cleaning out the garage, getting ready to move. Here is what I have: - OEM Mopar mirrors with the relocation bracket to a-pillar (for running mirrors with doors removed): $120 - Rigid Industries mount for 50" LED windshield light: $60 - Metal Cloak rear track bar bracket: $20 - Maximus-3...
  4. SLO

    Back in a Jeep - another lift/general questions

    to clarify, are you saying you are having issues with your disconnect or you have heard that they tend to have issues?
  5. SLO

    Another Noob question. Help me decide

    Nice! Congrats and good job actually listening to the advice from everyone. Good choice.
  6. SLO

    Bottle Jack

    I like the idea of storing it in the ammo can. Gonna try that. I have a couple I bought a while back that are twice as thick as normal 50-cal ammo cans.
  7. SLO

    RUBICON CLOSED due to Caldor Fire

    Sucks, had a Rubicon trip planned for the last 6 months for Sept 12th. Looks like we are headed to Moab instead.
  8. SLO

    Long time…

    Thanks Eddie! I’ll have to hit him up. Yeah, never thought I’d leave but also never imagined it getting like it is.
  9. SLO

    Dynatrac 60’s hold up to 42’s?

    from how I read, you are just asking about whether they will work and not break. It all depends on how hard you drive it. Many builds over many years use D60’s with 42’s. Not just JK’s but TJ’s and others. I haven’t seen issues but again, it’s all on how you drive it. Heavy on the skinny pedal...
  10. SLO

    POLL : MORE POWER for MOBY - Supercharger or Hot Cam & Headers?

    Purely for drivability, I’d go supercharger. I have never liked how aggressive cams drive. Totally personal preference, tho
  11. SLO

    Long time…

    Hey guys, haven’t been around for a while and wanted to say hi. I was cleaning out the garage and wanted to list some things on here (and give some things away) but genuinely also want to check back in as well. Also, looking to move from Oregon to mid-Tennessee. Gonna need some new friends and...
  12. SLO

    Diff Drain and Fill Plug

    Do you guys use RTV or any other type of sealant on your diff drain and/or fill plugs?
  13. SLO

    Sway Bar Motor Rotate with Genright Ultra Low

    Finally got around to installing my GenRight bumper. I was able to rotate the sway bar motor with a little modification to the winch tray. I test fitted the winch and there is no interference with the motor. Just wanted to show this in case anyone else wants to attempt the same. I’ll post some...
  14. SLO

    Rubicon Poo Truck

    Dream job or nightmare dirty job?
  15. SLO

    COUNTDOWN to the Final JKX : MOBY Rides Again

    At first I though JetLi was way more flexed out than Moby with the EVO coil overs but looking at them side by side, doesn’t seem that much different. Hard to tell from these angles, though.
  16. SLO

    Sway Bar Motor Rotate with Genright Ultra Low

    Has anyone tried installing Genright’s Ultra Clearance front bumper with the Rubicon sway bar disconnect motor rotated? Just wondering if there are any clearance issues.
  17. SLO

    Need Help Troubleshooting

    I realize that trying to troubleshoot over a forum is near impossible but I wanted to run this by the community for input. I’m having two issues with my Jeep that I think could be related. It’s been in the shop for weeks now and I believe that they are chasing down the wrong rabbit trail. I...
  18. SLO

    Fusion 4x4 Axles / Dynatrac Dump

    Fusion 4x4 Axles I have had a couple questions about my Fusion 4x4 Dana 60’s. I bought them about the same time as a buddy of mine who bought the Dynatrac XD60’s with almost the exact same set up (wheels, tires, suspension, etc) as me. I wanted to post my thoughts and comparison from what we...
  19. SLO

    Aluminum EVO Quarter Pounder

    I know it’s a long shot but I have been trying to find an aluminum quarter pounder. EVO is no longer making them in aluminum. If anyone would be willing to part with theirs for the right price, let me know.
  20. SLO

    Pawning my P.O.S. Hard Top on you guys

    Selling my hard top but I want to be 100% transparent...there is definitely a small leak in the seals somewhere. I haven’t spent the time to figure out where and I could probably just replace them but I have other tops and I just don’t want to deal with it in the NW. For someone in So Cal...
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