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  1. Shadow's_Jeep

    Roof Rack + Snorkel = Overland?

    Read all the way to 2nd page before I realized in forum years that this thread was older than dirt...good read anyway.
  2. Shadow's_Jeep

    VIDEO : What Should be the First Mod?

    1st mod we put on my wife's 19 JL when we bought it new, was a set of Enhanced Rubicon Rock Rails. Only paid $300.00 for them at the time.
  3. Shadow's_Jeep

    Hello from Pennsyltucky

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  4. Shadow's_Jeep

    VIDEO : Trimmed the Body Trim on our Jeep Gladiator Bed

    looks great with the fender trim.
  5. Shadow's_Jeep

    What was done to your rig this week?

    Installed new Clutch Pressure Plate an trow out bearing , along new flywheel and rear main seal.
  6. Shadow's_Jeep


    Great video, reminds me when I got stuck on the Beach in Oregon the 1st time I had my JKU on the Oregon Dunes.
  7. Shadow's_Jeep

    38's - Are They the New 37?

    I'm currently running 35's on a D-30, so 37's are out of question with changing to after market D-44. Let alone a 38.
  8. Shadow's_Jeep

    Back in a jeep..building a mojave jt.

    Welcome back, Congrats on the new JT.
  9. Shadow's_Jeep

    Greetings from SW Georgia

    Welcome to Wayalife from ,Oregon
  10. Shadow's_Jeep

    VIDEO : So... What did We Buy?

    I will definitely be following this build. I have a 19 JL 2 dr, that my wife an I don't want to build up like my 09 JKU.
  11. Shadow's_Jeep

    Method Racing bead-grip wheels

    Looks even better in person.
  12. Shadow's_Jeep

    Method Racing bead-grip wheels

    Got them in Black.
  13. Shadow's_Jeep

    Method Racing bead-grip wheels

    Just installed a set of MR 703's on my JKU at Discount Tires today.
  14. Shadow's_Jeep

    What was done to your rig this week?

    New Method Race Wheels, MR 703 Wheels with next generation Bead lock Technology installed on the JKU. At DiscountTires.
  15. Shadow's_Jeep

    I gave up figthing

    Welcome to Wayalife. Congrats on the new Jeeps.
  16. Shadow's_Jeep

    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Thanks for sharing, I know what how hard it is. My wife lost both her parents with in a couple years a while back. she had a hard time with it.
  17. Shadow's_Jeep

    ANOTHER WINDSHIELD Bites the Dust - What Number are You On?

    Nope, although 3 of 4 Jeeps my wife have owned had there windshields repaired.
  18. Shadow's_Jeep

    ANOTHER WINDSHIELD Bites the Dust - What Number are You On?

    After 12 years owning my 09 JKU, I'm still on my factory original windshield. No cracks or chips, despite being hit by rocks. Although my Wayalife Windshield Banner bit the dust from deflecting so my Rocks.
  19. Shadow's_Jeep

    POLL : What Size Tire are You Running on Your Jeep?

    10 to 15. Depending on what Terrain I'm in.
  20. Shadow's_Jeep

    Are You an AMAZON Shopper?

    Added the Wayalife Amazon store too my phone's home screen. So now I can get there fast, an easy.
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