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  1. BlacknRedJK

    Dynomax 39459 Question

    The time has come to change up the exhaust on my JK. I was looking at the dynomax 39459 kit as UT requires the exhaust to come out behind the rear axle but I haven't been able to find the kit in stock anywhere. Has this kit been discontinued?
  2. BlacknRedJK

    CB Antenna Ground

    Well after fighting SWR on my antenna I clearly need to ground the antenna better. I ordered a 12” braided ground strap. Would attaching the ground to one of the tailgate bolts and the other end to the frame work? My antenna is mounted to the factory tire carrier. Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. BlacknRedJK

    O/D Off light on 2015 JK

    Headed home from dinner with a friend in his 2015 JK and his dash was showing an "O/D Off" light in the cluster. I know the 07-11 jk's have a selectable overdrive, but I was under the impression the WA580 was a non-overdrive transmission. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing that light...
  4. BlacknRedJK

    Time for a buff and wax!

    I have done some digging around and haven't been able to find anything in regards to preferred brands for buffing compound and wax. A tight trail left some nice pinstripes and of course the jeep is black. What products would you recommend to try and buff these out? Sent from my iPhone using...
  5. BlacknRedJK

    Troubleshooting Check Engine Light

    As the title states I have been experiencing a temper mental MIL that comes on when I fall below a half tank of fuel. I have used the key cycling trick to read the DTC's and it comes back clear. The MIL shuts off when I refill the tank above half full. Unfortunately, I am at school and don't...
  6. BlacknRedJK

    CHRISTMAS GIFT: CJ Grill Decor

    Been wanting to post this little project, but didn't want my father to stumble onto it before he opened it today. Below are the steps I took in converting this 1979 CJ7 grill into a decor piece for our game room. I started with a factory grill from a jeep that was being sent for scrap. I...
  7. BlacknRedJK

    Opinions on non-beadlocks

    I have been cruising through northridge and looking at getting some new wheels. I want to go black and may later have some powder coating done to get a red accent to match my build theme. I have been looking at the following: Or I wish ATX offered more in terms of non-beadlocks...
  8. BlacknRedJK

    Wanted: Stock Tire Carrier

    Well light poll jumped out at my mom last night. Spare hit and cracked the carrier. I'm looking for a stock tire carrier to replace mine. Any chance someone has a take off that I could buy?
  9. BlacknRedJK

    Wave from SLC, Utah

    Hello all, finally made the jump and joined the WAL group. I have been following WAYALIFE for a long time and I'm happy to be apart of it now! My toy: 2010 Black JKUR, currently stock. I plan to build it with a black and red color scheme and eventually run 37s... My newest addition....
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