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  1. Lojo

    Alignment advice

    Hope all is well with everyone! I am seeking advice with alignment on a 2020 gladiator. I have an Evo 2.5 and looking to get it dialed in. It is flighty right now. What numbers should I shoot for? Thanks in advance.... Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. Lojo

    Gladiator build time!

    I finally pulled the trigger on some parts. Getting ready and awaiting delivery. This is a list of first mods. Evo 2:5 stage two plus with added front uppers Evo FAD protech skid General grabbers ATX 37x12.5x17 1.75 inch spacers for now. I’m not fond of spacers so have to build in stages...
  3. Lojo

    Ca ammo sales

    It’s about time for some good news! Thank you Judge Benitez. Judge tosses California law requiring background checks for ammunition Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at...
  4. Lojo

    Here’s one of a kind.

    Found this while checking the news. Roy Rogers' classic Jeep CJ, Nellybelle II, for sale on eBay Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at Sent...
  5. Lojo

    What lift to keep it simple?

    It’s always difficult to shop for a lift. I want to keep it simple with ride quality and looks. I can’t decide between a simple level kit, Mopar 2 inch, or Evo 2.5. If Evo what stage? Any advice or other options would be extremely helpful. Thank you all in advance!! Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. Lojo

    Re wave from California

    Hey all Been out for a while concentrating on a new job but have been checking in from time to time. We just picked up a new JT today!!! Can’t wait for the weekend!! Hope everyone is well and look forward to getting involved!! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. Lojo

    Graffiti Night Modesto

    Some classics Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. Lojo

    Free front shocks

    I have a set of fox 2.0 front shocks. I believe they are for stock height. Preferably local pick up. They are like new. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. Lojo

    Control arms

    Hey all I’m in search of front upper adjustable and rear upper/ lower control arms. 17 jku. Let me know if you have anything.... thanks Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. Lojo

    Possible radiator leak??

    I have a 2017 JKU with 24k on it currently. Got in it yesterday and noticed a coolant smell. I checked passenger floor board area and it’s dry. I was in a drive through this evening and noticed slight evaporation/steam coming from the front. Upon closer inspection with a flashlight and engine...
  11. Lojo

    Fenders: To cut or not to cut??

    Was wondering what folks think?? I have color matched fenders and am reluctant due to chipping paint. Also can’t decide on a shape or what mods need to happen underneath to make it all come together I.e. function and looks. Any advice is appreciated!!! Also recommendations on after market. I do...
  12. Lojo

    Hello from Central Valley CA

    Hi All!!! Wife and i bought our first Jeep and are having fun so far. To me im always wanting to wrench on it and get it dirty, she wants to keep it clean but loves going off road. Jeep is a 2017 sahara we bought used with 9000 miles..... we got a great deal!! Once we got it i was looking to...
  13. Lojo

    2017 Before and After Still progressing

    Newbee here!! 17 JKU Sahara i have been working on for past six months.. 2.5 Rock Krawler with custom made Rubicon Rock Rails, hybrid stubby, smittybuilt winch, Warn elite series rear bumper and tire carrier. Getting ready to regear and reinforce or find a new front axle....Also just installed...
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