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  1. Jkratt

    Wayalife Hitch Stinger

    I recently purchased one of these from Wayalife. It's works perfect with the factory hitch clearing both the 37 in tire on a Teraflex Hinged Tire Carrier, and the tailgate so I can still open it while on the trail and not having to remove the stinger. All I can say is this is the best...
  2. Jkratt

    Finally Thought I would say Hello

    Well, lets start with the apologies. I have been reading until my eyes are red with all the information available through the site and its members and really never gave a wave or intro. My bad. My name is John and I recently retired and live in North LA County. I want to take my 2015 Jeep...
  3. Jkratt

    2014 JKU Rubicon springs and shocks.

    2014 Jeep JK Rubicon Unlimited take off front and rear springs including Rubicon shocks. These were included with an addition purchase I made from another wayalifer. These are free and available for pickup. I live in the Santa Clarita area. I don't want to ship. Just trying to pass off...
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