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  1. Strodinator

    Great Granddads tool restorations.

    I know I have a separate thread for a specific pipe vise but I'd like to document all of what I've been doing for all of the tools I've been restoring in one spot. To start with I just finished restoring this old manual chuck hand drill and I've been making good progress on that pipe vise as...
  2. Strodinator

    FE Wells & Son Co. Pipe Vise Restoration.

    Not Jeep related but I'm having a great time doing it. I inherited a few tools from my great-grandfather after he passed 8 years or so ago. One of them was a really nice pipe vise. Made in Greenfield Massachusetts it's in excellent shape just needs cleaning up and a recoating. I'm taking it...
  3. Strodinator

    Let's see those ATV's!

    I could've sworn I saw a thread on this but I couldn't find it. I have a trip up to the mountains at the end of April and I wanted to get my quad tuned up and painted right. Here it is as I started pulling it apart. I pulled the plastics off and I'm gong to repaint them. . I also pulled the...
  4. Strodinator

    Quick tips for shopping at parts stores

    Having worked in sales for Napa for two plus years I can tell you how Limited the catalogs by application are. O'Reilly's, AutoZone, Carquest, and Napa all list parts for the most part by vehicle application and struggle to use proper keywords to find parts that may actually fit your vehicle...
  5. Strodinator

    New ZJ in the family

    I've recently been asking a few questions about a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee! Things went the way I had hoped and I am now the proud owner of one. Here are a couple of pictures. It's the 5.2 limited with towing package so the stronger rear end and it can tow up to 6000 pounds! Power everything...
  6. Strodinator

    ZJ lift kits

    I'm looking at two different options for around a 3.5 inch lift for a 95 zj. First option is the iron rock off-road kit which comes with extended stay bar links, Bilstein shocks, and full set of new coils. Comes to about 800 big ones. Other option is the pro comp kit which has the shocks, coils...
  7. Strodinator

    Looking at a mid 90's grand cherokee

    I'm getting ready to sell my motorcycle and pick up a grand Cherokee. Most of the ones in my area and price range are just over 200k miles. Anything specific I should look for those of you that have owned these? Any help would be appreciated! 🍺 Sent from my PH-1 using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. Strodinator

    Miscellaneous TJ parts.

    Figured I'd give you guys a chance at this stuff as well. Just a lot of stock take off parts but someone around me may need them to get their Jeep back on the road or for a project. Stock takeoff fenders. Asking elsewhere 100 for the pair but for you guys I'll go 80. Stock auto transmission and...
  9. Strodinator

    Clip for slave cylinder tip.

    Quick question. I'm about to mount up my manual transmission and trying to figure out if I'm missing a clip. The throwout arm had the clip that holds one end on the pivot ball. is there a clip on the other side that holds the other end onto the tip of the slave cylinder? or does the...
  10. Strodinator

    *TJ* Dana 30

    So with my motor swap I'm running a Ford 8.8 in the rear. Sticking with the stock Dana 30 in the front but also moving to 35" tires. I know the Jeep Dana 30 is decently strong. Will C gussets at least be a safe move for me? I'm not sure about doing sleeves unless you guys think it's a good idea...
  11. Strodinator

    Looking at a Jeep Comanche

    As title states I'm looking at picking up a Jeep Comanche and selling my bike. It's more for the purpose of a restoration and the price difference between 2wd and 4wd is huge. Because I'm looking at it for more restoration reasons it wouldn't be taken off road except mild Forest roads for fun...
  12. Strodinator

    Tie rod question

    Quick question for ya guys. Was working on the Jeep a couple days ago and noticed my tie rod seems beefier than what stock should be. It's also a hell of a lot shinier than the rest of my steering linkage. Any thoughts? Edit: I typed this thinking I had pictures of it. Evidently I don't. Hold...
  13. Strodinator

    Metalcloak tube fenders

    Anyone here have any experience with the metalcloak overland or arch tube fender? They look like buildable fenders with interchangable flares. What's selling me is the fact that they are complete fenders instead of a lot or other of tube fenders that require modifications to stock fenders. If I...
  14. Strodinator

    What size Tire

    I have 2 inches of suspension, will have 1-2 inches of body lift, and flat fender flares. In your guys experience, would I be able to fit 34 inch tires? Obviously extended bumpstops. I have 3.73 hearing but will be moving to 4.88 in the next year
  15. Strodinator

    LS swap into a 97 TJ

    Looks like I'm finally getting around to it. I have most of the pieces together and got working today. I picked up an Lm7 from a 2002 Chevy Tahoe and spent about 5 hours stripping it apart so I can clean it and replace all the gaskets. I plan on running the LM7 in front of an nv3550 manual...
  16. Strodinator

    Front Bumper

    I'm selling my front bumper off of my 1997 Jeep Tj. I'm just leaning towards a stubby bumper. I love this bumper but it's just too much for me when I'm riding through trails. I'd like to get 200 for it based on what's selling around here and based on how well it's built. If anyone is interested...
  17. Strodinator

    Dana 44 question

    I'm in the process of shopping for a Dana 44 for my TJ. Has anyone ever taken a Dana 44 from an XJ and put in under the TJ? I know that I have to reweld the spring perches but it's the right width and it's a little stronger than the tj 44. Any thoughts? Sent from my Life One X2 using WAYALIFE...
  18. Strodinator

    Dana 35 differential fluid change.

    I finally got around to changing the oil in my rear differential today and took some pictures so I figured I'd write it up for those of you that haven't done one yet and I don't see a Dana 34 specific one. I started by soaking every bolt on the diff cover with PB Blaster for about an hour before...
  19. Strodinator

    Transfer case rebuild

    It's about that time where I have to strip my t-case apart and overhaul the guts. It grinds horrible all the time when driving and was a little buggy before this issue cropped up anyways. Thankfully I was going to have to take her apart anyways to install a wider chain and a SYE to transfer v8...
  20. Strodinator

    Grinding in the rear

    On my way home from work yesterday the rear end area of my Jeep started grinding like crazy when I had my foot on the accelerator, since then it's only gotten worse but I don't believe it's my rear axle or driveshaft which leaves me with my transfer case. It's been buggy for the past couple...
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