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    Sway bar end link in contact with the spring?

    Just noticed this on my rig and wondering what it may be? What would you techies be looking for to see what's off? Can't see it clearly in the photo but it there is about a 1/32" clearance between the link and spring but some scuffing on the spring from rubbing. Bad sway bar bushings? Spring...
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    Door node removal

    Before I break it, I should ask. How do these little buggers come out? I'm pulling but it's not releasing. The tan 25 amp fuses. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    LED Fog bulbs installed..

    Purchased the Alla Lighting LED bulbs and wanted to show the difference between stock and the LED's. Nice difference and cool matching white to that of the Trucklite headlights; almost too bright. These are the 80W offering.
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    Led fogs

    Kind of surprised that I'm not seeing more discussion on LED Fogs (maybe I'm not searching right)? What are you guys throwing in there for replacements? I upgraded to Trucklite LED's a few years ago and want to now replace the fogs with LED's. Don't want to spend $300.00 on fogs and see a lot...
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    Fender Flares -- do you have to cut or swap out with AFM after adding larger tires?

    Question as to when do you really have to change or cut your fenders one you have lifted your Jeep. I've got a 2010 that I installed the HD Old Man Emu springs and shocks - this yielded about a 2-2.5" lift. Tire wise, I added 35" Nitto Trail Grapplers. Front currently measures (fender flare...
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    Engine bay cleaning

    What do you guys do for cleaning the engine bay and what do you feel is the proper way to do so? Was going to go down to the coin operated car wash that offers degreasing and give her a quick makeover. Figure covering the intake, being easy around the battery, alternator and fuse box and...
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    Driver side door will not lock/open with keyless remote

    Doing a little homework it appears that my drivers side door actuator is shot. Has anyone removed and replaced this and done a write-up on it? I disassembled the outer cosmetic panel but behind it is another panel (that has the window regulator attached to it) with about 10 hex bolts holding...
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    OE Fender Cleaning

    Washed and detailed the Jeep yesterday and used a small amount of Pledge on the OEM plastic fenders and the transformation was pretty spectacular. Was too lazy to go pick up a bottle of Back to Black and figured I'd give it a try -- results were excellent. Just thought I share the experience.
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    Electronic Stability Control (ESC) activating after spring installation?

    Changed my rear springs this morning and after driving the Jeep around, have the ESC light on the dash come on (you can also hear/feel the ESC system kicking in and rapid pulse braking) when exiting the freeway or turning on transition ramps. This has happened minimally with the old set up but...
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    Flashpaq for 6-spd manual 3.8's -- if you have it, did it make much of a difference..

    and would you purchase it again knowing what you know? I'm mulling the upgrade from the Flashcal and curious to hear some opinions..:pop2:
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    Truck Lite - Low Beam Control Circuit High

    Checked codes with my new Flashcal and (2) showed up as low beam control circuit voltage high for both right and left sides. I have the Trucklite LED's and pigtail harnesses. Anyone else pulling this code and is there a potential issue with this that anyone can see or am I good to go...
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    Flashcal 3570 TPMS

    Bought this to adjust my speedo and use the TPMS adjustment to lower the indicator light threshold. Did the free download (TPMS) and installed on the Jeep only to find an either on /off mode for the TMPS and no slide bar adjustment! I really liked the fact that I could set this lower for...
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    Ome 2" lift bump stop question

    Looking to throw bumpstops on after the fact and have the OME 2" life. Question is am I OK with the Teraflex 2.25" stops or the 2.75" up front. The rears show for lifts 3+ inches. Am I going to tall on these and will it limit flex or am I OK. The OME lift, when new at least, sure looks to be...
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    SuperChips FlashCal or AEV ProCal

    These look to be pretty similar in what they do. Are there really any advantages, one over the other? I'm leaning towards the SuperChips FlashCal as it looks pretty easy vs playing with toggle switches on the AEV item. I'm somewhat concerned about the SuperChips support as I've read a few...
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    Odometer/Tripometer Question after going to 35's

    With the speedo off by about 5 MPH at 65 MPH (based on GPS 60 MPH) can you make the assumption that your speedometer and tripometer are off by 60/65 or 7.7%?:idontknow:
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    Rubi wheels and tires

    Rubicon Wheel & Tires - Southern California These have found a new home.
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    Lug Nut Question..

    Will OEM lug nuts work with Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels? OE wheels are hub centric, whereas the M/T's are lug centric so I'm assuming this may play into the equation. I don't want to use the OE's if they are not the correct lugs for the application but also don't want to spend...
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    Ordered my Nitto Trail Grapplers 315/70/17 yesterday~

    Can't wait to get them on the Jeep. Back ordered, but I can wait. I'm liking the Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels in 17X9 while I was originally thinking similar ProComps. Figured I would go with what is perceived as the better name and extra 1/4" on the back spacing - 4.5" vs 4.75"...
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