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  1. CalSgt

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Yeah, just a TB up there. I have the correct block to build one of these sitting in dads shop, had some expensive thoughts go through my head.
  2. CalSgt

    Stupid vibrations

    LOL, I knew what you meant... But you never know when someone will take what you say literally ETA: OP you may need to work back and forth making small adjustments to each arm so you can get the bolts back in.
  3. CalSgt

    Stupid vibrations

    Clarification... So long as you keep 3 of the 4 arms connected it will be ok.
  4. CalSgt

    Stupid vibrations

    I don't know how much it maters with the rzepa joints on the factory shaft but the rear pinion angle looks wrong to me. Pinion snout should be parallel to the TC angle not pointing at the TC.
  5. CalSgt

    1985 CJ-8 Scrambler Restoration

    Wow... Those look great
  6. CalSgt

    Hello everybody

    Welcome from N.E. California
  7. CalSgt

    Big HELLO from Nor-Cal's central valley!

    Welcome from Susanville
  8. CalSgt

    You're Doing It Wrong

    I feel your pain Years ago when I was a poor carpenter my boss broke his leg snowmobiling at the tail end of our two week Christmas break. I never filed for any assistance for the break because i felt I could survive without it. After his accident he called me and the crew and explained it...
  9. CalSgt

    The BEST Internet Expert Advice I've Been Given

    This is how I read it too...
  10. CalSgt

    KMC Machete vs Grenade beadlock weight

    My wife gets super upset when I think her new haircut is the same... These wheels however look nothing alike
  11. CalSgt

    SW Michigan - First owned Jeep 21 Rubicon unlimited

    Welcome from N.E. California
  12. CalSgt

    Show your Knives!

    LOL... I work with that guy too. The only three I know are the D2, 154CM, and S30V only because those are on knives I bought
  13. CalSgt

    Show your Knives!

    D2 steel is semi stainless and requires a little maintenance to prevent rust but holds an edge great, if it bothers you next time get S30V or 154CM which are good quality stainless steels. I throw my D2 folder in the dishwasher then put a small drop of gun oil in the hinge wipe the edge and...
  14. CalSgt

    VIDEO : Off-Road Basics in a Bone Stock 2-Door Jeep & Rock Crawling It

    Man... That was nerve wracking, I kept expecting you to smash a rocker panel. Great line choices and a "Not professional in any way" driver seemed to get you out of there unscathed. Great video (y)
  15. CalSgt

    Movies Worth Watching

    The Rob Zombie remakes were pretty good
  16. CalSgt

    Hello new owner 2015 Jeep Wrangler Willy’s edition

    Welcome from N.E. California
  17. CalSgt

    Hello from California

    Welcome from N. E. California
  18. CalSgt

    Shower Thoughts

    That’s to let you know that he is environmentally conscious whilst getting road head from his nephew
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