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  1. Labricon

    Is anyone keeping their stock Sahara wheels in their build?

    My son just bought a 2014 Sahara JKU and is partial to his stock wheels. His current plan is to install the AEV 2" suspension spacer lift that I used to run and move to 33" tires with 1.5" Spydertrax spacers. The 18" wheels make the tires more costly but still less than wheel and tire change...
  2. Labricon

    Wave from Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Hello from Canada. I have been watching the videos for just under a year now and traded my '07 Grand Cherokee in last June for a '15 Ribicon. Ten days into ownership I had AEV 17" pintlers, Goodyear Duratrac 33's 2" AEV lift and rear view camera installed. In October I added Smittybilt side...
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