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    Goodbye rtguy1

    I'm in. Have a friend too
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    Calling You Out pastorwug

    I expected more from you Pastorwug being that you proudly display you are a man of faith. But alas, I have to call bullshit. Please, by all means, show me where I have every even mentioned said sticker(which I honestly didn't even know you had). I have only posted and quoted you once on jk...
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    In route to the mall

    On my way to the mall for some pre Black Friday sales and some curb crawling.
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    Figured I'd throw this on here to share my experience with ORE and DYNATRAC. I'm running a PROROCK 44 up front with RCV's, 4.88's, DYNATRAC BALLJOINTS and ARB air locker. Recently I noticed some fluid leaking from my engine compartment onto the frame rail. It looked and smelled like gear oil but...
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    Tailgate Hinges OEM

    Looking for a pair of oem tailgate hinges for a '12 JK. Preferably Black Forest green or black. Let me know if you have some laying around. Thanks. I'm in SoCal
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    2 door soft top complete

    looking for a soft top complete with door surrounds and hardware for my '12 JK 2 Door
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    Need a new head

    Well it finally happened. My 3.6L needs a drivers side head. The cel has been on and off for a couple weeks. Started getting a bit worse the last few days. Plugged in a code reader and got the dreaded P0302 code for cylinder 2 misfire. Running a bit rough especially at idle. I can hear the...
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    Spidertrax wheel spacers

    SOLD. Used for a month. wheels spacers 1.5". Jk pattern 5x5(5x127). $75 for the pair(2 spacers)shipped. Located in SoCal San Fernando valley area. SOLD
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    AEV wheels

    Sold!!!! AEV wheels Sold. AEV SAVEGRE wheels. 17"x8.5" 5x5 (5x127) bolt pattern. Lug and hub centric. 5.2" back spacing. Argent powdercoat. Set of 5 wheels. These are used for less than a year and have some rash around the outer lip. All 5 with valve stems including center caps. Located in...
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    Evo mfg endlinks

    Front swaybar endlinks by evo mfg 13" eye to eye located in san Fernando ca $40
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    Warn wireless winch control

    Brand new warn wireless winch control kit located in San Fernando valley ca $100
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    Rubicon sway bar

    Sold!!! Rubicon swaybar with EVO no limits manual disconnect. Turn the knob to disco.... that easy. Located in San Fernando valley, ca. $350 Still available Also have a front sport swaybar for $80,and a rear swaybar for $75
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    led lights

    anyone have or tried the paramount offroad light bars? any experience with them? thanks
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    Bar Fight!!

    :cheesy: glad to see you contribute some knowledge to the forum instead of just welcoming and giving waves to the new members:rock:
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    Memorial Day 2013 Don't forget about our veterans

    A MESSAGE FROM THE SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Memorial Day 2013 This weekend, Americans in large numbers will visit our national cemeteries and other final resting places to honor their loved ones, their friends, neighbors, colleagues, even some unknown to them—men and women who gave their...
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    Cb help

    I installed a cobra 75. It's grounded to the battery. Ran my cable back under the carpet and through the vent on the gate. The insulating washers are installed facing the mount. I'm getting swr readings above 3. Any tips here of what may be wrong? I ran a separate ground to see if that was the...
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    Bunch of stuff, coilover tower

    I have a bunch of stuff for sale. Off of a 2012 JK. Located in SoCal...Los Angeles will ship. Pm for more info. EVO rear trackbar bracket(no u bolts) for use with evo coilovers$75 SOLDGenright coilover tower(no shock tabs...
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    EVO bolt on d ring mounts

    Question for those running these. 3/4" shackles can be had with either a 3/4" pin or a 7/8" pin. Do the EVO bolt on d ring mounts accept the 7/8" pin like the poison spyder 3/4" shackles have? Thanks.
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    Rockhard4x4 cage

    Ordered a full cage for my 2door forever ago. Rockhard sent me the front cage but managed to leave out the rear sections. It took two weeks for the first half to arrive, and another two for the rear sections. I opened the front up and was not impressed with the quality. The welds are poor...
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    control arms

    have a set of factory control arms from a 2012 jk. great shape, like new. good replacements/spares while you save for the evo high clearance long arm:yup: shoot me an offer
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