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    (just a bunch of piffle to get my participation trophy)
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    I got my trophy, yea me. Since we’re all here for a quorum I propose changing the term ‘Trophy’ to ‘Mile Marker’ What say you? All in favor say Aye . . .
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    Affirmation. To the ‘new’ “Old same place”* Just following the ‘yellow rubber line’, ‘cause ya know : “We’re all Bozos on this bus!”* *~Firesign Theatre~
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    Yeah, sure, you betcha!
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    Second wave, ‘cause : just like Lay’s one is never enough!

    Pretty much all my hobby pursuits have been back-burnered for awhile, perhaps things are changin’!
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    2015 SEMA Crown Willys Wagon

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!
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    C1073 : Integrated control unit/abs control module

    Has anyone any information on failure rates? Mine went out 3000 miles out of warrantee, mechanic says Chrysler is averaging 17 of these per week across USA, that's nearly 900 per year(I'd call that an "known issue") I'm not questioning his sources or #s, but I like multiple confirmations if they...
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