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  1. 2013rubirick

    SFZ doors, would you buy them?

    I had them for awhile and they were good doors. I went to factory half doors just for the uppers but if you don’t mind not having uppers I would recommend them for sure!
  2. 2013rubirick

    Big help

    I run ridge grapplers on my ram 3500. They aren’t the best in the rain but are a very good all around tire. Quite on the road also which is a big plus!!!
  3. 2013rubirick

    ANOTHER WINDSHIELD Bites the Dust - What Number are You On?

    On the way to Tahoe to run the rubicon Wednesday night I got mine broken again!
  4. 2013rubirick

    Hello from WA st!

    Welcome to the family!!!
  5. 2013rubirick

    Hello from Oakdale

    Welcome to the family from just above Jackson!!
  6. 2013rubirick

    Cooper STT Pros more expensive than Nitto

    It this point for me it was get coopers or wait who knows how long for a set of nittos. My other tires were so badly cracked I just didn’t trust them with my kids in the Jeep.
  7. 2013rubirick

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Everything is coming off this thing and getting refreshed!!! It’s a work in progress
  8. 2013rubirick

    4.2 Tahoe Quake

    It shook my house pretty good just on the other side of the Sierras in California.
  9. 2013rubirick

    Howdy from Washington!

    Welcome to the family!!
  10. 2013rubirick

    DYNATRAC SAFETY RECALL on 1550 Steering Knuckles

    I’m sure mines recalled. I’ll be calling Monday
  11. 2013rubirick

    Cooper STT Pros more expensive than Nitto

    Ya I heard the sidewalls are weaker then the trail grapplers. I’ve had 2 sets of 40” trail grapplers and loved them. Just wish I could find a new set
  12. 2013rubirick

    Cooper STT Pros more expensive than Nitto

    Everyone I called said at least 2 months
  13. 2013rubirick

    Cooper STT Pros more expensive than Nitto

    I just bought 5 cooper stt pros in 40’s because no one can get me nittos for a few months. I guess we will see how they do
  14. 2013rubirick

    I’m back!!

    Ya I bought them new and had them painted. Cost a lot but worth it for sure
  15. 2013rubirick

    I’m back!!

    Ya I bought those about 6 years ago after trying every other brand. Factory doors are the way to go for sure
  16. 2013rubirick

    I’m back!!

    Well I flew to LA on Thursday night and bought her back. She’s a little rusty but that’s about it. Guy I sold her to never wheeled it once. Been outside sanding everything down and repainting it. I’m SO ready to get back out on the trail again!!!
  17. 2013rubirick


  18. 2013rubirick

    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    Dang this brings back some memories!!!
  19. 2013rubirick

    POLL : How Much are You Planning to Spend on Your Jeep This Year?

    Since I’m getting it back after 4 years of no maintenance sky is the limit probably.
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