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  1. 2013rubirick

    I’m back!!

    I’m back boys. I had to sell my jeep 4 years ago but I’m actually flying down to LA to get it back on Thursday. I have a lot of blood sweat and tears in that thing and can’t wait to get her back. I did a lot of off-roading with Eddie back in the day and I’m ready to get out and wheel again...
  2. 2013rubirick

    Screw You WAYALIFE - We are NORCAL!

    It's apparent that they just don't want us here anymore Rob. This thread was started and moved out from here:
  3. 2013rubirick

    Superchips flashcal for sell

    I have a superchips flashcal I'm selling. It will work on any jk from 07-15. Asking $100 shipped. It is unlocked and ready to be used.
  4. 2013rubirick

    Stock license plate bracket

    My wife ripped her license plate bracket off her jeep the other day. I know someone must have one laying around. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  5. 2013rubirick

    Anyone run Barret lake trail?

    Just got an email saying Barret lake trail just got reopened. I was thinking about running it on August 7th. Was just wondering if anyone had anything good or bad to say about it.
  6. 2013rubirick

    Rubi wheels and tires $950

    I have a set of rubi take offs from my wife's jeep. They have 2k miles on them and have never been off road. Asking $950. Located in Norcal.
  7. 2013rubirick

    Norcal: slick rock june 26th

    I'm planning a day run on slick rock which is up by lake alpine on highway 4. We will be meeting at the McDonald's in Angels Camp at 9:30am. It is not a real difficult trail, but it does have a few technical spots. Let me know if you want to join us. Going: 1. 2013rubirick 2. K.D.C.H. 3...
  8. 2013rubirick

    NORCAL: Suds and Grub June 12th 6pm

    Hey everyone we were wanting to put together a meet and greet for everyone on the October Rubicon run. We would also like anybody who can't make the run to also join us if you can. We will be meeting at Hoppy Brewing Company in Sacramento at 6pm. Meeting location: Hoppy Brewing Company 6300...
  9. 2013rubirick

    Psc hydro fittings

    Does anyone know what size fittings come with the psc hydro kit? Had one burst at pandas house and trying to get another one without going and getting the fitting at his house.
  10. 2013rubirick

    2013 jku white hard top for sale

    I have a white hard top from a 2013 jkur. It is in great shape. It hasn't been on the Jeep very much. Asking $1500. Let me know if anyone us interested.
  11. 2013rubirick

    Front leather seats for sale

    I am going to Mastercraft Baja rs seats and I'm selling my factory front leather seats with heaters. I would be willing to trade my leather bench for your cloth if you want that to. Not sure what they are worth so make an offer. Seats are in very good condition. Jeep only has 16k miles on it.
  12. 2013rubirick

    Help me.

    So I put a pr60 front axle in about 3 weeks ago now. Put new front driveshaft in. When I put the Jeep in 4x4 you can feel and hear a clicking in the shifter knob from the transfer case. My transfer case was perfectly fine before. Do you guys think it's the driveshaft or is it the transfer case...
  13. 2013rubirick

    Bestop super top for sale

    I have a bestop supertop softop for sale. Same as factory. I have had it on a few times during the last summer. I little faded from the sun but not bad at all. Asking 550 obo.
  14. 2013rubirick

    Happy b-day Mrs.2013rubirick

    Happy birthday. Thanks for letting my go wheeling this morning.
  15. 2013rubirick

    Pr60 just showed up.

    Well after 9 weeks of waiting my front prorock60 just showed up, Thanks to Maxx at Northridge. Can't wait to get it installed this weekend. ..
  16. 2013rubirick

    50" warrior LED light bar.

    I'm selling a 50" warrior led light bar. I have had it for about 6 months. It works great. Asking $200. Here is a pic of it on the Jeep. I will be at the new years run if someone wants it there. .
  17. 2013rubirick

    37" trail grapples with 17" race line renegade rims.

    I have a set of 5 37" nitto trail grapplers and raceline rims for sell. Only have 9k miles on them with warranty from America's tire. Let me know if anyone is interested. Looking to get $1800. They will be ready for pick up in a couple weeks.
  18. 2013rubirick

    Lod wid width bumper and skid plate.

    I have a lod midth width bumper off of my 2013 jk. In good shape. Selling for 300. Comes with skid plate and winch mount
  19. 2013rubirick

    Front rubi 44

    So I am gonna be upgrading to a PR 60 in the very near future and was wondering if anyone is interested in my front rubi 44. It has 5.13 gears, c gussets welded on and rcv axles shafts. The axle has just over 10k miles on it. Shot me an offer if interested. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using...
  20. 2013rubirick

    Evo drag link flip and lod mid-width with bull bar.

    So I bought a evo drag link flip kit and never used it. I can send it back but I was gonna see if anyone wanted it here first. It is still brand new and in the box I got it from northridge in. The kit is $299. I'm willing to ship it for free just like northridge does. I also have a lod mid-width...
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