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    I’m calling bullshit. Anyone else get this...? Facebook friend request

    This just came through on facefuck messenger. Figured I’d share it here.

    35 spline non-rubicon shafts in need

    Hey all. Just putting some feelers out to see if anyone has a spare rear axle shaft or even a pair that they are willing to part with. Needing a 35 spline non-rubicon shaft. Bent the fuck out of my driver side flange and a replacement is like... a ways out. Any help, greatly appreciated.

    Sand Hollow... why did I wait so long!

    Living in Utah has its perks... even if you’re not part of the local “cult.” I’m less than an hour away from some fun trails and only about 3 hours from Moab. And because of that I usually just go there for the weekend. But lately it’s just... not the same. Too many people. Too expensive and...

    4 link and UD60’s on a JKUR

    Hey all. Looking for some insight. Trying to help out a buddy who is about to jump on some UD60’s. He’s also wanting to run a d.t 4 link and genrite fuel tank but, isn’t sure if it will work with a standard spring and shock setup or if we need to outboard the shocks or go to coilovers. He’s...

    Petition for Video of ED doing a burnout in the JK6

    I think we all need to come together on a very important topic. ED (Brute) needs motivation to offer up a burnout video in at least one of his rigs. Please add your name to the list and I’ll present it to him at the New Years run. Make burnouts great again

    Moab redemption 2020

    It’s been almost a year since I was last in Moab for a multi day trip, and last year didn’t quite go as planned. This year was our annual Pritchett canyon trip. And this year, was bound to be different. All loaded up and ready to go. Being that we would be in town a few hours earlier than...

    Areas surrounding Beale AFB

    Could use some input from everyone regarding a possible relocation. My wife just got a pretty tempting offer from a company based near Beale AFB. Being that California has never been on my radar. I’ve head Yuba city is hit or miss and the last time I drove through Sacramento I though it was a...

    Control arm upgrade. Long arms perhaps?

    It’s nearing that time where I start planning upgrades for the following year. I’m thinking long arms are in the future but I’d like some feedback. Happy with my overall setup in terms of ride and suspension travel but, I also don’t know what I don’t know. Currently running all factory arms with...

    ATX chamber pro II rings

    Trying to decide if I should replace my rings or try and smooth them out a bit. I don’t care that they have a lot of scrapes, gouges, scratches etc. But I am concerned about the effect they are starting to have on the balance of my wheels and tires. Maybe I’m over thinking it and it’s a colossal...

    Stashing a truck and trailer near the Rubicon

    Hey folks, hitting the Rubicon in about a month and one of the guys in our group might be towing his rig. Any place you guys recommend for standing a truck and trailer while on the trail for a couple days? May also try and leave our doors and his top with the truck and trailer if it’s a secure...

    Drill bit size for PS crusher flares.

    Aright folks. About install some PS crusher flares in my JK. I’ve got to drill a dozen or so holes for nutserts and PS says to use a 17/32 drill bit which is .0531 vs a true 1/2 inch. Which is all fine except that fucking size is nearly impossible to find, or at least locally. Thinking of just...

    Camping near the start and end of the Rubicon

    Hey all. I’m heading to the Rubicon in September and I’m considering camping the entire trip. Obviously camping on the trail but, the plan is to drive out from Utah in one day and camp as close to the trail head as possible to save on a hotel room. Run the trail, then camp somewhere near the end...

    Valve body diag help

    Looking for some insight on some trans issues. I’m leaning towards a valve body issue but, not really sure how to test it or check it without taking it in to the stealership. 2014 JK. 5.13’s 37’s Auto trans (obviously) has just over 166k miles. I’ve been religious about services and fluid is...

    Father’s Day Moab trip Seven Mile Rim

    After a fun day on Pritchett Canyon we decided to spend our last day on a fairly easy trail so we could have the families with us. First stop of the day at Uranium Arch Tyler having some fun in a random crack Had to play a little as well Jason making us all feel silly in his XJ Bryce...

    Pritchett Canyon Father’s Day run

    In all my time wheeling trails both up here in northern Utah as well as in Moab, never before I have ran a trail where luck played such a part in getting through it, even if just a bit. And also, just how close to disaster you are on every obstacle. We set out for a yearly Father’s Day Moab...

    Ten Factory shafts

    I recently bent a flange on one of my G2 chromoly shafts. Not bad but enough to be annoying and, I’ve got some fairly hard wheeling trips schedule me this year. Thinking of picking up some Ten Factory shafts based on what I’ve heard of their warranty policy, and just using my G2 shafts as trail...

    Gathering up ram assist parts.

    First off, major thanks to Don (Clearskies) on the hookup for a spare JK steering box that I can now send out and have ported for hydro. I’ve ordered up the rest of the parts from PSC but I’d like to have some spare fittings Incase I need to plug the system in the event I have an issue with the...

    Moab 5/22-5/23

    Last minute trip to Moab next week. Clearskies has a small window and we’re taking full advantage of it. Planning to hit some trails Wednesday and Thursday before heading back home. I know it’s short notice but, for anyone who would like to join we’d love to have ya along.

    Service your driveshafts... and everything else for that matter!!!

    This came in to the shop today. Lady was on her way back from EJS when her front drive shaft seized up and tore a big hole in the transfer case going about 80mph. After inspecting everything it’s clear that this was due to major lack of maintenance and servicing. If you run serviceable drive...

    EJS 2019 assistance.

    Hey all, as I try and do every year I’m offering up to any WAYALIFE member help if they are in need during EJS. I’m happy to help in any way I can. We’ve got some good local shops so if parts need to be brought down, or tools need to be sourced or anything in between please feel free to reach...
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