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  1. Strike Force Zebra

    EJS 2018- what trails are you running?

    Who is all going to EJS in 2018? What trails on which days are you running? We will be there and with sign ups getting closer it would be fun to wheel with some WAL friends. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. Strike Force Zebra

    Rubicon Winter Rescue

    I saw this earlier today about a group that wheeled in yesterday/last night and got stuck in the trail. Two different rigs, in the same group. My first thought was stupid is as stupid does. The first rig is on 35's and is stuck. The water has now frozen and they couldn't get it out. The...
  3. Strike Force Zebra

    Code Scanner/programmer-What do you carry with you?

    I know there are a ton of programmers out there for our JK's. I have run a Flashpaq, TrailDash and the TrailDash was my favorite. Those were on my 08 JKUR. Now I have an AEV ProCal for my 15. It does just fine. In fact I'm sure it will do everything that I want it to do and then some...
  4. Strike Force Zebra

    Yoke/knuckle won't fit

    So my dad ordered some new Chromoly shafts for his 08Rubi JKUR from NR. I've got all of them in but the passenger front and it won't fit through the hole in the knuckle. The yokes are too wide. They are 10 factory. Any thoughts? Grind them down a few mm's? I have to fineness it into the...
  5. Strike Force Zebra


    This looks pretty cool. I saw it on a post on FB. It looks to be out of Russia, but based on a JK. Thoughts?
  6. Strike Force Zebra

    Pull Pal

    Who has a pull pal? Ever used one? Would you spend the money for one? The first rule of wheeling....go with someone else (at least two rigs). But, what happens when your both stuck or your on Pritchett Canyon trail and you break your front driveshaft u-joints and you don't want to keep your...
  7. Strike Force Zebra

    Up Next.......

    Well, after trying to figure out what to do for our next rig, I decided to start from scratch. We welcomed home the new JK today. Ive already got a couple different build lists over to Drew at ORE. Looking forward to this one!!!!
  8. Strike Force Zebra

    12 pt VS 6 pt tools

    I am going to have to rebuild my tool box (trail tools were stolen with the Jeep). What's everyone's thought on 12 point Vs 6 point tools. I am most interested in sockets. In my experience, 6 point are better as they don't round the heads. I know there will be some doubles(6 and 12) to fit...
  9. Strike Force Zebra

    How far will insurance cover your modified JeeP?

    I wanted to put this out there for all to learn from my experience. I'm sure when all the dust settles I will have done some things well, some things OK, some not so well, and through it all- I will have learned from a very expensive experience. I started with a new 08 JKUR. I had no idea...
  10. Strike Force Zebra

    Old Vs New- built either way

    Well, I'm not giving up hope on the recovery of my 08' JKU, but the wheels are turning in my head. The police and insurance only give a 30% chance of recovery after the first 48 hours (and even the police said it was most likely over the border already). I'm starting to think about a new...
  11. Strike Force Zebra

    Stolen Jeep

    Please keep a look out for my Jeep. It was stolen on July 3rd from So Cal. It was on my trailer, they stole that too!! Thanks.
  12. Strike Force Zebra

    So Cal Parking a flat trailer

    I'm in need of a place to park my flat bed trailer for the week. I'm dropping my Jeep off at ORE on Monday. The place we are staying told us when we arrived tonight, no trailers. Anyone in the Newport area know where I can store it for the week? Thanks!!!!!
  13. Strike Force Zebra

    JK in AZ- looking for info

    Saw this in AZ for sale. I know I've seen it on here. Anyone know who's it is? Any more info?
  14. Strike Force Zebra

    From Coilovers to DTD

    Who all has gone from bolt on coilovers to DTD. I have EVO bolt on coilovers and LOVE them. I want to have the high clearance brackets welded on and am thinking of making the trek to ORE to have the work done. While I am at it, I am thinking of having the towers upfront changed. Can I run my...
  15. Strike Force Zebra

    Boycott these ANTI Jeeping company's

    A recent FB post caught my attention. The following is a letter from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance that was sent to the President in favor of stifling off-road use and wanting him to proclaim land around MOAB UT a national monument...
  16. Strike Force Zebra

    Anyone replaced their ECM / PCM / ECU

    The past few days the JK has been acting really funny. It started out on Tuesday when I was driving. All of a sudden, the engine started to spit, its almost died and then the speedo and tach started going crazy followed by almost every light in the cluster going on and off. Friday my daughter...
  17. Strike Force Zebra

    PSC steering assist install, need assist

    I have an 08 JKU and it had a DELPHI box on it. PSC recommended to send my old box in and buy the kit where they rebuild my original box. So I did. I also bought the dual coolers, one for the tranny and the other for the PS. I made some good progress last night and today on my install. Here...
  18. Strike Force Zebra

    JKX big news!

    Anyone have any insight to the JKX announcement for next week? Taking all applicants this year? Maybe headed north to Canada? South to Mexico? Over the big pond to Europe?
  19. Strike Force Zebra

    Splicing Synthetic Winch line

    I recently unspooled my winch line to repaint my winch. I thought I would inspect it before re-spooling. It had been sitting on the garage floor for awhile and had had a chance to "swell" as it wasn't compressed on the spool. Upon inspection tonight, I noticed a significant cut at the 66'...
  20. Strike Force Zebra

    Teraflop front bumper rebuild

    I've had this Teraflop front bumper for a few years now. I bought it because I liked that my winch would sit low, down in between the frame to not restrict airflow and I could keep my "fog" lights. The powder coating has "powdered"- gone white and looks faded. I want to run a stinger and...
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