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  1. ArmyofMike

    I could not stand much more of it, and decided to contribute elsewhere

    Howdy All, For those still wondering why many longtime WAL members left, or became inactive; the answers may be right in front of your eyes...if you can't see it, then it hasn't gotten to you yet, or, perhaps you are the one doing it. I don't feel as a whole that there were/are hard feelings...
  2. ArmyofMike

    Show us your Tent/Pop-up Trailers Thread!

    I recently bought a used 2001 Coleman/Fleetwood Niagara Elite Tent Trailer to pull behind my 2012 JKU! I plan to flip the axles to get some lift on the trailer to match my lift/tires. I also have some other plans for the trailer, but with all the bells and whistles already in it, I will only be...
  3. ArmyofMike

    *tap tap tap tap tap.....*

    ...That is the sound of my feet right now waiting to get outta here today. We're going camping in the Sierras and it's the first family trip of the season! Can..NOT...Wait! How I feel: Seeing this and daydreaming:
  4. ArmyofMike

    Online CA Campfire Permit

    Hello All! For years, I went to the Ranger stations to get my permits, but found out that you can do it online! There is a very simple, eight question quiz and once you pass, you can print your CA Campfire Permit. May save you some time, driving and the headache/fines of not having one! These...
  5. ArmyofMike

    Burt Reynolds Drives a Jeep!?

    Forget the Trans Am that he is selling (Kinda, it is a pretty sweet ride), but in the background....I spy a JK! Maybe....he's a Wayalife Lurker! :bleh:
  6. ArmyofMike

    "Rocko" Build-It may be slow, it may be cheap, but it's Perfect!

    I feel like it's time we took it to the next level. I'm ready to commit to you Wayalife. I'm ready to share. In June of 2014, gas prices were HIGH at around $4.50/gal in California. My wife and I had a Dodge Durango Hemi 2WD and were done getting gas every week at $90/tank. I have always liked...
  7. ArmyofMike

    Ebay Vendor 5x5 1.5" Wheel Spacer Review

    Howdy to all, I recently purchased Ebay Vendor 5x5 1.5" wheel spacers from a vendor named "Garageracing" on the site. I figured I would write a review on them since I can't find much on these type of spacers. I did a LOT of research on this vendor and the wheel spacers themselves and after...
  8. ArmyofMike

    Ugh, Midlife Crisis Time

    Welp, found out the small college I work for is shuttering my campus soon. :grayno: Which means I'm on the semi-frantic hunt for another job. It is about this time that I realize, do I stay in the industry I've been in since Grad School ended and my "professional" career began in 2005, i.e...
  9. ArmyofMike

    Buying Used Nitto Trail Grapplers today...

    Howdy All, I'm going to be getting some used 35x12.5x17 Nitto Grapplers today and wanted any feedback on them. They are approx. 30-40% wear as stated by the owner. They appear to be warn even and will go on my JKU until I can find a better alternative and see how I like the 35" and my setup...
  10. ArmyofMike

    Made my own Mikeybilt Tailgate Table/Molle Rack!

    Wave to All! I have been going back and forth on getting a Smittybilt GEAR Tailgate holder, but also wanted a table for my tailgate. However, spending $65 on the GEAR system and another $100+ for a table setup is beyond my financial capacity...and I'm cheap. So...I built my own. Many times...
  11. ArmyofMike

    Wave from CA!

    Hello All, Mike from Central California waving in. Much good information on this site and the instructional/tip sections. Much appreciated. I'm a newbie to the Jeep Life, but recently purchased a '12 JKUS that my family and I have greatly enjoyed. Been a wonderful experience to have the...
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