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  1. DirtHeadDavis

    Tailgate Mounted Tire Carrier

    Probably a stretch, but worth a shot. After doing 40+ miles an hour over washboard roads in the desert today I realized very quickly I made a gamble by putting my 35" spare on the stock tailgate. Was rattling pretty damn good. Anyhow I planned on getting a carrier soon and thought I'd ask...
  2. DirtHeadDavis

    Jeep junkyards in SoCal?

    I've always wanted to visit a wrecking yard specific to Jeeps to see if I can score any salvageable parts for my JK or TJ, and maybe even find possible projects in the future. I just want to know if any of you have any recommendations for a good and reputable place in SoCal, preferably San...
  3. DirtHeadDavis

    Lotta Bang for less buck: Max tow package on a Sport

    Out of boredom and curiosity, I built and priced a base model JT Sport on Jeep's website. I only added one option: the max tow package, which has the Dana 44s, anti spin rear diff, and 4.10 gear ratio! It's a $1500 option if I'm not mistaken, and that puts it considerably less than a Rubicon...
  4. DirtHeadDavis

    A Dirt Head's JK

    Some of you may remember Jake, my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2-Door in bright white. I previously had a thread for him but wanted to start a fresh one to keep y'all updated more consistently than I had before. My build sheet's always changing so I currently still need: 17" KMCs or Methods EVO...
  5. DirtHeadDavis

    EVO Tailgate mounted Tire Carrier

    For those of you running EVO's hinged carrier on the tailgate, I had a quick question. I'm planning on running it with a 35x12.50" Trail Grap spare, but on stock Rubi wheels for a little while until I score some beadlocks. Will I have enough clearance for the factory wheels and 12.50s on the...
  6. DirtHeadDavis

    Regear cost in SoCal?

    Hello all, just had a quick question. I have a 2 door JK and I'm putting it up on 35" Trail Grapplers, and 4.88s. I'm just curious if any of you on here have experienced or know someone that has had a shop install their new ring and pinions and around how much it was. And in SoCal preferably...
  7. DirtHeadDavis

    Axle Shaft Leak

    Just to be sure I need to replace my axleshaft seal on this side, yes? It is the front driver side on a Dana 30. Leaking slowly onto just this joint. Jeep has just under 30k miles... Anyone else see this that soon?
  8. DirtHeadDavis

    Bedlined... Fenders?

    Hey all, had an idea. Although my JK's a 2018, the fenders just can't help themselves but fade alarmingly quickly. It is parked outside, so it's my fault, but I mean it gets annoying as the hardtop, mirrors, door handles, and plate frame all look good as new. The flares are by no means totally...
  9. DirtHeadDavis

    WANTED: 2-Door JK Rubicon Rocker Guards

    I'm actually a fan of the clean, factory look of the OE rails. Building up a Sport. Anyone happen to have a set? Preferably in SoCal for pickup and willing to pay for shipping. Thanks in advance.
  10. DirtHeadDavis

    Which Jeep JL Wrangler: Help me decide!

    Even though I am still in the process of building up my JK, I can't help but think about my next build while progressing through this one. I'll pull the trigger within the next couple years, so I want to make a solid decision. I love the JT and think it looks badass, but I am just truthfully a...
  11. DirtHeadDavis

    2020 Supercross

    Anybody here on WAL into Supercross, Motocross, or dirt bikes in general? I've been watching SX this year and went to the last two years' events in SD. I'm going for Ken Roczen and HRC. Anybody else ride in between wheeling trips and work? Well shit, its 2021. My bad.
  12. DirtHeadDavis

    Jake the 2 Door JK

    Well, it's about time I start one of these build threads. I have a Built up 1997 TJ, but didn't think it was necessary to start a thread on it since it's pretty much done - let me know if you guys wanna see it, and I'll make a separate thread for it. Anyways, I got my hands on this 2018 JK...
  13. DirtHeadDavis

    Uh... Stellantis?

    I'm no professional on the subject so the recent merger confuses the hell out of me. Can anyone help me out on what the hell happened, what's become of FCA, what might become of Jeep, or most importantly why the fuck it's called Stellantis? My apologies if I put this in the wrong sub forum...
  14. DirtHeadDavis

    An age old question...

    Yes yes I'm sorry to bring it up again, but I've been hearing mixed thoughts about what gears to run in my JK. I have a 2 Door JK Sport S with the 3.21s, and there's no way in hell that's livable with the 35s I'm planning on. I have a '97 TJ that's been regeared to 4.10 in the front and 4.11...
  15. DirtHeadDavis

    Evo Quarter Pounder anyone?

    Hey all, just a quick question. I'm planning on purchasing Evo's tried and true quarter pounder front bumper for my JK, but I am torn between whether to pair it with the stinger or mid width bar. Anyone got pics of either to help me decide? I know many of you guys are running it lol...
  16. DirtHeadDavis

    JKS Lifts

    Hello all, just had a quick question. I just bought a 2018 JK 2 Door and I'm looking for a lift. It's a Sport S so Dana 30 up front and 44 in the rear, and I'm planning on 35s and a regear to 4.56 or 4.88. I also plan on swapping axles and adding 37s later on. For the 35s, I've been eyeing JKS's...
  17. DirtHeadDavis

    New to the site, but not to Jeeping!

    Howdy folks! I just wanted to give a wave and introduce myself to the forums! My name's Presley and I'm 17, and I've been watching Eddie and Cindy's videos for as long as I can remember, all the way back to when I was a toddler watching the old school Project-JK videos... Good times! Anyway...
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