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  1. rubicrawl

    Rigid 50" light bar

    Rigid 50" light bar Selling 50" rigid light bar with aluminum mounts $1000 PICK UP ONLY in SoCal
  2. rubicrawl

    Last minute run Gorman Saturday Jan 9

    Hey my good buddy and a coworker are going wheeling up in Hungry valley also as known as Gorman if you want to join us pm me or meet us at 8 at the Starbucks corner of Newhall ranch road and copperhill
  3. rubicrawl

    My heater is blowing cold air

    Anybody know what to check for or how to fix the heater it's blowing cold air my son was freezing felt bad thanks brothers
  4. rubicrawl

    Free crap

    free soft top no header well it's there but taken apart but all there for the 4 door dirty dog spider web net for the 4 door Not shipping only pick up I live in Valencia all free or we can meet up for some beers and their yours hahaha
  5. rubicrawl

    Jeepspeed debuts wrangler class to desert racing

    Jeepspeed has created three classes for wrangler owners to desert racing class 1700 is for nearly stock 6 cylinders with mods limited to 33" tires and 10" of front wheel travel and 12" in the back and one shock per wheel, class 3700 allows longer wheelbase (up to 117") a jeep or mopar V-8 or six...
  6. rubicrawl

    Dirt sports and off-road magazine

    just came up on this in the magazine thought I share it pretty cool Offroad Evo had an awesome pit crew this year
  7. rubicrawl

    Just waving saying hi again

    Been really busy with work,work,work and and new baby and just saying hi brothers and sisters things are starting to mellow out a little so going to get a little more involved in here again
  8. rubicrawl

    F/S Evo bolt on coilovers

    Selling my rear Evo bolt on coilovers $1000 or a reasonable offer I just want to get rid of them pm me if interested local pick up only So Cal My rig is at ORE they will be ready this Friday .
  9. rubicrawl

    Tires for sale

    Got 5 bfg m/t stock rims and tires off a 2010 rubicon about 50% tread give or take some with more others with less $100 pick up only I'm in Valencia
  10. rubicrawl

    Thank you offroad evolution

    I just wanted to say thank you very much Mel, Lisa, Mel's dad and mom for showing us around Moab for the great food and yummy dessert and for helping us getting home after breaking and being stupid in my part thank you very much guys you guys rock ghost rider style ;)
  11. rubicrawl

    Convoy to Moab from LA

    Hey brothers and sisters looking for someone to convoy to Moab with I'm leaving Saturday morning from Valencia leaving my house around 5am
  12. rubicrawl

    Hard top 4 door 2010

    Selling my hard top local pickup only good condition in Santa Clarita asking $1200 obo
  13. rubicrawl

    Rowher flats

    Heading up there now anybody want to join me going to halfway house cafe first off of Sierra hwy sorry last minute pm me if interested
  14. rubicrawl

    Stock rubicon parts for sale

    My rig is at Evo as we speak selling stock suspension , stock rims and tires meet me at Evo on Friday if anybody wants to buy anything pm me for price oh and stock diff covers and stock control arms
  15. rubicrawl

    Prepairing for jkexperiance

    Ok I'm not going guarantee but I am signing up but I do want to be ready encase I do get chosen so I was going to you tube videos on how to work on my jeep so the question is what are some things that usually break on the trail I know anything can break but what one of the most common parts as...
  16. rubicrawl

    4 low problem

    I have a small problem this morning I went to try out my 4 low cause last time I went wheeling I thought it wasn't engaging well this morning I tried it and sure enough it wasn't working this is what it's doing I went up to a hill engaged it 4x4 low I locked the front and rear disconnected the...
  17. rubicrawl

    Pros and cons body lift

    Hey everyone just want to know what are the pros and cons on having a body lift
  18. rubicrawl

    Phat head jeep

    my son loves my jeep so I sent this one in to phat head anybody else have phat head jeeps
  19. rubicrawl

    Miller jeep trail 5/11/13

    Anybody want to join us? We're heading up to miller jeep trail on May 11th it was the 12th at first but it's Mother's Day its a fun mellow trail and were taking lunch about half way there's like a creek crossing good spot to hang out he said pm me or let me know its up in Frazier park and goes...
  20. rubicrawl

    Rubicon stuff for sale

    I have stock front bumper and wrangler tires for sale pm me an offer on anything I live in a condo so I need to get rid of this stuff
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