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  1. bekel


    going to be in moab the week of may 21-28 if anyone wants to meet up an hit some trails
  2. bekel

    whats it worth

    so i ordered some prorock 60s the other day got like 5 months b4 they come in was thinking about listing the stock rubicon 44s with 410 gears an 5 atx slabs any thoughts on what i should ask for them as a package
  3. bekel

    anyone have any experience with

    hi with the lift the evo coilovers added to my 12 rubicon im looking at the Rock Slide Engineering 3rd Generation Step Sliders so me an my friend can get in the jeep ezer does anyone run these and how well do they hold up on trails. I spend about 70/30 road an trails but do go down to moab every...
  4. bekel

    ABS ?

    Hi i did the evo coilover set up on my 12 rubicon this winter been working great but the last 3 times ive been out playing when i go down a steep hill or break over point my abs lights come on i keep driving for 25-50 yards on level ground and they go back out does anyone have any ideas what...
  5. bekel

    Tire size

    How big of tire can you fit on a stock 2012 2 door without rubbing Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. bekel

    09 rubicon

    So looking at an 09 rubicon 2 door hardtop 130k miles is there anything I should be on the lookout for when I take it for a test drive Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. bekel

    Wild hair

    Headed to Moab for the weekend to go play if anybody's down there give me a shout Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. bekel

    Over heating

    Hey I've got a 94 yj that I bought new, years ago when the 2.5 gave up I stuck a ford fi 300-6 with a t18 in the last few weeks it's been heating up I have changed the water pump, thermostat, an put in a new aluminum 3 core radiator, hoses and fan clutch. I have no bubbles in the radiator no...
  9. bekel

    Electric fan

    Hi I was wondering what everyone uses for electric fans have tried 2 different ones from napa an autozone neither have lasted over a year Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. bekel


    So I have a 57k miles on my jku withe a 4" bds long arm and the bushings are wore out I am looking for options that I can replace them with I was thinking maybe johnie joints but not sure if that will work any thoughts thank you Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  11. bekel

    klamath falls

    So just found out work is sending me to Klamath falls for the summer possibly longer. Have never been down in this area before is there any good spots to wheel down there
  12. bekel

    Amazing customer service

    Not sure if this is the right place for this so feel free to move if needed. So I finally when over to my dads place to start cleaning it up he passed away just about 2 years go. In cleaning up his shop I found the arb lockers and gears I bought for his jeep about 3-4 years ago still setting in...
  13. bekel

    Poison Spyder Steel Crusher Flares

    So I have been thinking about getting these does anyone here run them and how do you like/dislike about them
  14. bekel

    skid plate

    Sorry if there is something on this already looked at a lot of posts an couldn't find the answer. It finely got warm enough to install the evo skid plates I bought back in November, got the oil pan one on no problems then when to do the tranny one and found out it wont work with a long arm lift...
  15. bekel

    Dynatrac Prosteer Ball Joints

    Hi I wanted to know if you guys thought it would be worth it to get the prosteer ball joints for my factory 44 or get the stock ones and put the money into kitty for the prorock 60 package about 1/4 of the way saved up to get them maybe 1.5 years out yet
  16. bekel

    alignment problems

    hi I got a 15jku 4" bds 35's I cannt keep it aligned its been in 4 times to different shops and the dealer replaced the steering box everything is tight as far as I can tell. I get an alignment steering wheel will be straight for about 2-3 days then it goes out about a 1/4 of a turn always to...
  17. bekel

    Front Locker Light

    I went out playing over the weekend, now I cannt get my front locker light to stop blinking. I have tried putting it back in low an turning it on it comes on fine an when I hit the switch to turn it off it keeps blinking even thought I can fell that the locker is off any ideas on how to get...
  18. bekel


    I'm about 2 years away from getting my pr 60's, on a 15 jku with a 4" bds long arm is there anything else I will need to fit 40's so I can start saving up now to make sure I'm ready when I get my axels I plan on going with 5.13 with arb's
  19. bekel

    Drive shaft ?

    I'm going to order new drive shafts front an rear on Monday. The front stock one is falling apart at 19K miles an the dealer wont cover it with the 4" long arm they installed. My questions is should I go with the Adams Driveshaft 1310 or 1350, also if I should go with Greasable or not greasable...
  20. bekel

    moab 4/2-4/9

    headed down to moab first week of april hope to see some of you down there
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