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  1. BlackDiamond_JKU

    Agreed, this is was a shit move, I'm surprised...

    Well, that was anti climatic I was expecting him to be outed, and the tires like stolen back by a gang of WAL members or some shit Fuck that took a long time to read too Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app Moved from here...
  2. BlackDiamond_JKU

    Gimme your half doors!

    Looking to trade my 4 full doors (2016 black unlimited) for a set of (like new) half doors. I commute between central Arkansas, and south east Texas. So, somewhere around that area would be preferable. ---------------- 2016 JKUR “Our Country won’t go on forever if we stay soft as we are...
  3. BlackDiamond_JKU

    KMC Machette Beadlocks!!!

    Hey guys, anybody know where I could get a set of (5) KMC Machete Beadlocks 17" in 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern? I guess everybody is out!!! Edit: in the blank color/machined
  4. BlackDiamond_JKU

    Hardcore PR 60/60 with 37"s???

    PR60/60 with 37”s? Just ordered the Hardcore Pro Rock 60/60 axle set Pro Rock 60 High Pinion front, Pro 60 Low Pinion rear, on 8x6.5 bolt pattern with pro grip brake kit, and I am planning on running them with 37’s until I come to the point where I do a LS/Hemi swap as well as make this not my...
  5. BlackDiamond_JKU

    Wave from Texas!

    I've scrolled through the WL forum for a while, and finally decided to sign up. I own a 16' JKUR, it's my second JK, my first was a 2 door, which I loved, but I just needed more space. I look forward to linking up with folks and doing some wheeling!
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