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    Great video, good to know. Loved Ripley!
  2. Strainger's Heart

    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Your video brought back memories. My dad had Parkinson's and my brother, Lewy Body. Tom's mom passed two months ago and she had dementia. It's a heart wrenching experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Strainger's Heart

    WAYALIFE Presidents Weekend Death Valley Run 2018

    Many thanks to everyone on the trip. Tom and I had a great time. It was good to go through the area that Tom and I were lost in the darkness. :eek: It was much better in the daylight. :thumb:
  4. Strainger's Heart

    2017 WAYALIFE New Year Kick Off Run Photo Highlights

    Always great seeing everyone. Thanks Eddie and Cindy for the invite and for all the work you put into these trips. Looking forward to the next one!
  5. Strainger's Heart

    MOAB WAYALIFE MegaThread 2016

    More pics for day dreaming..... Cliffhanger. Everyone contemplating the Golden Crack. Finally getting out of Pritchett Canyon.
  6. Strainger's Heart

    MOAB WAYALIFE MegaThread 2016

    Poison Spider Just a few drops of rain.
  7. Strainger's Heart

    MOAB WAYALIFE MegaThread 2016

    Looking pretty cloudy on the trek home.
  8. Strainger's Heart

    MOAB WAYALIFE MegaThread 2016

    Even with the rain, it was a great day on the trail.
  9. Strainger's Heart

    MOAB WAYALIFE MegaThread 2016

    Tom showing off.
  10. Strainger's Heart

    ROADSIDE AMERICA : Awesome Roadside Stops Along the Way!

    Great pictures! Here are some pics from our Route 66 trip. Chicago, Illinois eye clinic Midpoint Oklahoma City Fantastic Caverns Springfield, MO
  11. Strainger's Heart

    Jeep Renegade Pricing Calculator Now Available!!

    My first try Next step: Talk with hubby. :cheesy:
  12. Strainger's Heart

    California or Bust : An Epic Trek Across the California Emigrant Trail

    Odds are in our favor! Strainger and I had Chinese food for lunch. This was Strainger's fortune! :clap2:
  13. Strainger's Heart

    2014 WAYALIFE Kick Off Run - Sunday, January 12th

    Novice at posting pictures. Last time I posted pictures at work, I crashed the system. :doh: Crossing my fingers it doesn't happen again, Eddie. :blush:
  14. Strainger's Heart

    The WINNER of the January 16th Shot Glasses is NHarris!!

    Wayalife shot glasses!! What's better than a Jeep Wrangler? TWO Jeep Wranglers!!!:clap2:
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